Table Bohr launched the latest series of modern automobile


series Chronograph Bohr model (BALL for BMW Chronograph), the retail price of RMB38000.


latest BMW for series (BALL BMW) watch built-in ETA 7750 automatic mechanical movement, also has the timing function, can be accurately accumulated up to 12 hours. In addition to display time, minutes, seconds, weeks and dates, the revolutionary watch also added a speedometer (Tachymeter), in order to provide practical information for the wearer. With this additional function, the wearer can record the time required for the vehicle to travel at a specific distance to determine the correct speed.


elegant and perfect combination

has always followed the unique style of Bohr BMW series, this new type of Chronograph from the Swiss designer Ma Gary. Metrailler (Magali Mé Trailler) of the hand. Ma Gary. Metrailler the sophisticated function into the design of elegant and charming, so fans can not help but heart. In order to give BMW Bohr series Chronograph models add a dynamic table, Bohr decided to model with diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating: in addition to the appearance of modern, can also make watches more hard wear, prolong the use period.

Chronograph type 44 mM in diameter, is one of a series of Pohl BMW, the largest size models, with stainless steel to build, and in the case on both sides of the top and bottom are inlaid with sapphire crystal glass. The design of In addition

looks simple, watch the hour, minute, and the use of diamond cutting out the metal scale, are inlaid with Swiss 3H autologous light-emitting micro gas lamp, to read still clearly in the darkness.


Pohl series Chronograph models are the elements that Pohl BMW series.