Yakedeluo for your exclusive interpretation of gold carved Enamel Charm

towering incense array through Changan, the city of gold.

- Tang Dynasty "after the first chrysanthemum"

when the leaves will be covered with a layer of golden yellow, autumn enchanting gesture to be able to enjoy the show. In our impression, autumn and gold also seems to have a constant shear contact, the color of gold, as if it is a mixture of the two. When the shiny gold and elegant enamel encounter, they produced yakedeluo gold carved enamel watch series.

gold foil carving process inherited from the Renaissance Gold and silver craft craftsman, that is, the use of subtle gold leaf, clever and meticulous manner by one by one to form a relief pattern. Then with extremely fine enamel craft, to obtain the required color and translucent enamel deep feeling, the sun's rays decoration ran out. As early as eighteenth Century, the skilled craftsmen had yakedeluo attainments to reach the peak of perfection of this technology are carved gold enamel. Today, La Xia Defang art studio in watchmakers, continue to inherit the spread of nearly three centuries of decoration technology, still adhering to the attitude of strict in demands to complete these super difficult to watch.

autumn, maple leaf red - Gold carved yakedeluo enamel dial Only Watch watch at small

autumn color, nothing more than two colors, brilliant gold and moving red. Yakedeluo know autumn beauty, and will be held on the occasion of the Only Watch charity auction, showing the gold enamel carved small dial Only Watch time to watch, gold carved decorative 43 mm diameter 18K gold case, deep red and collocation big fire (Grand Feu) enamel dial, silhouetted against a spectacular autumn.

this tone is very difficult to burn, Daming fire enamel dial to be able to shine after thousands of degrees after the last shine. Only long-term trained professional attention to insight into the enamel color is completely in harmony; only if the surgeon like dexterous hands, can be gold pattern precision in translucent enamel on the process under yakedeluo consummate, come true.

however, yakedeluo craftsmen for the pursuit of excellence is not limited to the decorative appearance, brand will be the first time applied to small needle siliceous gossamer disc. Sapphire crystal cover engraved "unique piece Only Watch 2015" inscription, through the bottom cover made of fine appreciation of the beauty of movement. This unique timepiece elegant elegant, bringing together a unique brand of decorative elements, whether it is curved table ears, the top hand rolled crocodile leather strap, or 18K gold one pin buckle, full of luxury.

- a blue sky autumn yakedeluo carved gold enamel

blue and bright golden light into each other, the essence of craftsmanship of the condensed yakedeluo gold carved - >