Mido commander series limited edition multifunctional Chronograph grand listed

  love, there's no way. Some love, with meticulous care to take care of your basic necessities of life, some love, with his company to resolve your loneliness and loneliness, and some love, was accompanied by heavy mountain, poor expression is gentle and meaningful. As the deep love, rough palm is strict and generous Tiehan tenderness, is also tolerant and steadfast loving. With love, for his children to build a warm harbor, supporting the burden of the family. Time, is the most ruthless changes, but also the longest of the company. The charm of a father does not fade with the passage of time, but it will fade with the passage of time. The Swiss Mido portrait series limited edition recommended commander multi-functional chronograph, the global limited only 999 blocks, will be "limited" love in the wrist, will be tough and dynamic in the wrist, highlighting the handsome man style atmosphere.

drip transfer, limited love

father's love for us with the accumulation of time and polished more mellow and moving, just like the building, after the baptism of time, more full of charm and artistry. Time flies, in the face of the erosion of time only polished, classic and timeless love. Therefore, the Swiss America table for the special father's day presents a new Commander series limited edition chronograph function, although after the impact of the trend, but the continuation of the brand's classic, also be a "core", equipped with 1320 core authentication function Mido Observatory chronograph movement (ETA Valjoux 7750 based). Elegant design in addition to the mature time and precise control, as a kind of unique feelings between father and son, implicative and good-natured zhiyuan.


watch the Eiffel Tower to learn the essence of the design, its majestic masculine architectural style and strength of beauty to restore the wrist. By virtue of superior watchmaking technology, Mido will form and verve Eiffel Tower re interpretation, and follow the resolute outline and the power of beauty, like a gigantic father determined figure reflects the mature male charm and connotation of calm. The global limit of 999 such hot words, more highlights the love of priceless and precious, love unlimited but exclusive love is limited. Give your father more care, one more from your "limited" love. The watch case and the watchband is polished, chiaroscuro, very strong sense of science and technology, the use of steel materials to the tower tower spire reproduction curve, smooth movement. Metal bracelet design use the needle nut prior to the replacement of fixed table section, not only more convenient adjustment, but also for the added mechanical sense, embodies the exquisite designers have great originality.

ivory white paint smooth polished with gray dial bituminous scroll chronograph dial, pure and losing the connotation, the overall appearance of the silver watch as the Eiffel Tower stand tall stalwart attitude against masculine men Hale body. Watch, accurate travel time, exquisite design, highlighting the Swiss watchmaking degree of excellence. Ivory white glossy polished dial with 60 sec