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Proper caster selection requires the consideration of many variables - all of which will effect the life and performance of the caster


Each caster and wheel carries a maximum recommended load capacity. These load ratings are based on manual operation with intermittent service not exceeding two miles per hour. Uneven load distribution or careless in-service loading of the castered unit may necessitate decreasing these ratings slightly even though a safety factor is included. Most load ratings are in accordance with Caster & Floor Truck Manufacturer's Association recommendations.


Generally, larger diameter wheels roll easier and absorb shock and abuse to a larger degree than do smaller diameter wheels. Wider treads operate with less resistance on soft surfaces and spreads the load for better floor protection.


Soft tread wheels will protect floors and offer the most quiet operation. All-hard wheels have longer life in industrial locations where metal scraps, steel grating, broken cement and similar conditions may be found.


Casters are available in four basic swivel type construction: Top-bearing; Uni-level; Duo-level; and Double Ball Race. Each is designed for maximum efficiency and economy in specific applications.


A wide variety of plate and post mountings are available to meet specific installation requirements. Post sockets are also available for installation to the castered unit.


Soft tread and all-hard rubber wheels are the most economical for normal applications. Other compounds are also available for specific applications such as conductive rubber, neoprene and a variety of mold-on wheels.


Side brakes, contact brakes, floor locks, thread guards, grease fittings on raceways, and shimmy dampeners are offered on some models. Roller bearings and grease axles are also available.

The one basic difference between wheels is that of hard tread versus soft tread. Careful consideration should be given to realistic applications for which it is to be used in order to obtain optimum performance.


Hard thread wheels have considerably greater load rating than comparable soft tread wheels primarily because they do not tend to flatten as easily. As a result, hard tread wheels roll easier, swivel with less drag under heavy loads and take less compression set.
Recommended Applications
* Heavy loads
* Seldom moved jobs, either light or heavy
* For use on carpeting
* Outdoors or where grease and oil may be a problem
* When noise is not a significant factor


Soft tread wheels generally have lighter load ratings than hard tread wheels. They produce quieter operation of the castered unit by absorbing the floor surface imperfections which are normally transmitted through the unit. Soft treads also provide better swiveling action under light loads.
Recommended Applications
*Light loads
*Hard, uneven operating surfaces
*Noise reduction
*Frequent movement of light loads
*Swiveling traction


Plain Bearings

The most common and inexpensive type of bearing is the "plain" bearing. A plain bearing may be sintered metal that is impregnated with oil for lifetime lubrication. Plain bearings are the most popular for light load applications,

Ball Bearings

Ball bearing wheels provide the greatest rolling ease but generally have the shortest life span. Because of their low friction and the ease with which they roll, ball bearings perform best under light - medium load applications.

Roller Bearings

Roller bearing wheels are best suited to heavy load applications. They provide optimum rolling ease and the longest life span at both high and low speeds


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