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We offer a variety of small part storage containers for industrial, commercial and institutional use. From Small Parts Storage Bins to Stack & Nest Poly Totes, to Modular Dividable Stacking Containers. 

Featured  Storage Containers for Small Parts

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Attached Lid Containers 

Strong, reliable and reusable totes.  Ideal for storage, distribution and order picking.  Tops are permanently attached with steel hinges that interlock securely for stacking strength.

Bulk Shipping Containers Returnable 

Industrial strength A.L.C.'s form a versatile, economical system for order picking, distribution or storage.

Closed Mesh Stacking Containers

 Rugged stacking container is the perfect choice for storing, shipping, or stacking. High density polyethylene to handle the rough and tough jobs. External ribbing minimizes distortion. Smooth walls to eliminate dust or bacteria. Complete with hand grips on four sides. Open design allows air circulation and visual inspection. Available in red or gray. Three styles to choose from: {Base & Side Closed}, {Base closed side mesh} and {Base & Side Mesh}.

Collapsible Wire Containers

See through storage...stacks 4 high Double strength structure.
Features spiral hinged gate. Functional versatility that can't be found in any other storage container.
Move large volumes of material, up to 2 tons, all at once...with your forklift truck. Safely stacks up to
4 high to utilize wasted air space. Spiral hinged gate folds half way, making it easy to load or
unload parts, supplies, etc. It's the perfect container for in-line assembly work, or work-in-process
part transfer. Rugged 2" x 2" wire mesh welded construction does not restrict air flow....contents
won't collect moisture. 2,000 pound capacity series feature 2" x 4" mesh on side walls and 2" x 2"
mesh on deck. Wire design also makes it easy to identify contents. Sturdy steel understructure
ensures dependable support. And containers fold flat when not being used. Color : Grey. 2,000 &
4,000 pound capacities. Sizes: 32" 40" wide x 40", 48" long x 28", 36", or 42" high.

Corrugated Bins

These bins keep there shape even through heavy use. Sturdy 200 Lb.
test corrugated bins help to economically organize small parts or supplies. Sloped front provides
easy access. Features roomy label area on front for content identification and inventory control chart
on the side. Re-usable. Attractive white marble finish. Dividers available. Sizes 2" to 12" wide x
9,12,18" deep x 4" high.

Cross Stack Tub

All purpose containers for manufacturing, transportation, and food industries.
Made of injection molded polyethylene for durability and uniformity. Rounded corners add strength
so corners can absorb impact without cracking. Rolled top rim forms comfortable handles for easy
carrying. Nests when empty to save space...ribs prevent jamming. Complies with FDA regulations
for use with meat of poultry.

Dividable Stack Boxes

Modular box system is configured to maximize space! Boxes
utilize stacking lugs to ensure secure stacking inside rim of totes. White polyethylene dividers are
slotted on 1-1/4" centers, allowing for endless storage combinations. Ribbed design provides
extra strength. These totes work well with shelving, conveyors and most storage systems. Standard
color gray. Clear covers available.

Economy Shelf Bins

Rugged polypropylene construction for long life. Complete with built-in
hang lock for easy access to contents. Designed for use on 12", 18", 24" shelving. Molded-in wide
label holder for easy identification. Available in red, yellow, or blue. Sizes 2", 4", 6", 10" , 12" wide
x 12", 18", 24" long, x 4" high.

FliPak Containers

Our FliPakTM containers work great with all types of automated equipment and conveying systems. Returnable & reusable for over 250 trips, Our FliPakTM containers offer an exceptional return on your investment.

High Density Storage System

Devise a comprehensive practicable storage system with rails, racks and/or louvered panels & panel systems. Our panels provide an ideal framework that allows you to build your own custom bin  storage system.

Pallet Tubs 

 Designed for in-plant or over the road transport of a variety of products. Made of
FDA accepted material. Most sizes are designed to optimize trailer cubes. Standard color is blue.
Four styles are available.

 {A} Feature single wall construction with rolled out trim, 4 way forklift entry.
{B} Single wall construction with rolled out trim and vertical ribs for extra rigidity, 2 way fork entry.
{C} Full double walls with smooth interior for easy cleaning. Bottoms are flat with tapered side
walls. Containers nest without lid. Four way fork entry, ideal for sanitary use.
{D} Double wall rim with square tubing around the rim for extra rigidity. Thin wall design for
lightweight use, 50% nestable, non lock nesting Four way forklift entry.
Capacities range from 18 to 32 cubic feet

Pallet Containers 

Innovative designs and durable construction features handle a wide variety of items.  Gray in color.

Poly Skid Boxes 

Unique double wall flange & interlocking legs, provide the most positive
stacking feature available with our Poly Skid Boxes. One piece molded polyethylene construction provides long life, durability and highest protection for stored contents. These heavy duty skid boxes feature positive
interlocking raised legs for ease of stacking, forklift entry and moving boxes in stacks or one at a
time. Capacities range from 5 to 33 cubic feet.

Recycled Pallets

100% Recycled pallets. Lightweight for reduced worker fatigue. Environmentally friendly
pallets benefit three ways - made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, re-usable trip after trip and
recyclable after its useful life. Chemical resistant and won't absorb moisture. Won't rot or splinter.
No nails - rust, 4-way entry. Easily steam cleanable. Sizes 48" x 40" x 5.5"

Small Parts Organize Units

Plastic storage bins and steel cabinets team up to provide a secure storage solution for small part storage.

Small Parts Storage Cabinets

Plastic storage bins & steel cabinets team up to provide a secure & space saver way to store small parts with our storage cabinets.  Cabinets with doors feature a chrome plated locking handle.  Shelves adjust every 1".

Stacking Giant Hopper Bins

Basically the strongest plastic bins made.  Ideal for storing and transporting large parts.

180 Stack & Nest Container

Ideal for storing/shipping , nests to save space.  Extra strong container that can take plenty of industrial abuse.  Long lasting injection molded polyethylene resists industrial solvents.  Temperature resistant from -40 F to 176 F.  Smooth bottom enables use no roller or belt conveyors.

Stack and Nest Containers

High density polyethylene totes are designed
for hard daily use. Stacks when full, turn 180 degrees to nest to save space. Light weight for easy
handling. Totes resist oils, grease, chipping of temperature extremes.

Steel Corrugated Containers

These heavy duty steel corrugated containers are rated to hold 4,000 pounds each and stack 5 high. Made of corrugated 13 gauge sides for strength & rigidity.

Tip Out Bin Storage Systems

Clear tip out bins and stands, tilt 45 degrees for easy  access.  Efficient, clean and orderly solution for storing items in multiple commercial, industrial and medical environments.  Available in seven different sizes and three exterior colors; Ivory, White or Gray.

Ultra Stacking & Hanging Bins

Won't rust or corrode & are unaffected by weak acids & alkalis. The Bins stack or hang on straight edge rails or louvered panels. Insertion of unique clear, see-through windows double storage capacity & converts bin into a true carrying tote. Available in Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Ivory or Green

Wire Containers

A container that works! On assembly line of in-line operations, this container
offers the advantage of dispensing as well as storage. And it's capable of storing vertically several
units high. Comes in 2,000 or 4,000 pound capacity. Standard sizes of 30", 32", 36", 40" x 36",
40", 44", 48" x 24" high

Wire Mesh Containers

Made of 3/16" wire on 2" centers for air circulation and easy part identification.  Each container has a 2,500 lb. capacity and stacks 5 high for space conservation.


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