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 Accordion Expandable Conveyors, Gravity Roller Conveyors, Ball Transfer Rails and Tables. We are continually expanding our broad product line of gravity roller conveyors and conveyor replacement rollers. Whether you need replacement rollers or a full gravity roller conveyor system, or just replacement balls for ball transfer tables, we have the conveyor system products you need.

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Accordion Expandable Conveyor 

Expands, contracts, twists and turns to provide flexible conveyor use.  Sets up in seconds, folds up for space saving storage.  Expands to 4 times its length.  Twists around corners and obstructions.  Sections bend in either direction around a 21" radius.  Rolls on long wearing 5" x 1-1/2" rubber swivel casters with foot locks.  Heavy duty tie rods.  Height adjusts from 28" to 44".  Includes 1 box stop and one set of hook couplers per unit.

Ball Transfer Rails 

Package glide easily over smooth rolling balls.  These single frame rails are custom designed for transfer systems, allows for fast change of load direction.  Built for rugged durable use.

Ball Transfer Table Tops 

Move boxes, packages, crates, any direction, effortlessly.  Material glides over smooth rolling 1" steel ball transfers mounted on a formed 12 gauge reinforced steel deck.  Ideal for assembly work, hard movement of cartons.  For use as a table purchase light weight supports.

Conveyor Supports 

Tripod supports.  For fast installation of temporary gravity lines.  Adjusts up and down.  Light weight H Type supports and Heavy Duty H  supports.

Gravity Roller Conveyors 

Built for tough extra rugged use.  Sturdy 1,400 pound frame capacity, 250 lb. roller capacity.  Features 3-1/2" x 1" x 1" 10 gauge painted frame with 5 cross angles.  1.9", 16 gauge galvanized rollers with 7/16" hex axle spring loaded.

Light Duty Roller Conveyor 

Ideal conveyor for irregular shaped or open bottom items.  Long lasting construction features stand up to daily industrial use.

Medium Duty Roller Conveyor  

Increase productivity and reduce costs with these super strong roller conveyors.  Designed especially for efficient transfer of heavy cartons, boxes, totes, pans, packages and cases.  Conveyors are easily set up or rearranged when your needs change.  Made of the finest aluminum or steel for long wear and trouble free service.

Mini Roller Conveyors 

Light duty conveyor for all types of small packages, where rollers have to be close together.  Steel or aluminum rollers are 3/4", 20 gauge with 1/4" spring loaded axles for 20 lb. weight capacity.  Angle frames are 2-1/2" x 1" angle, double punched so rollers can be set above or below the frame, depending on the application.

Parts Conveyor  

This rugged and dependable incline conveyor moves product from one level to the next.  Engineered for superior performance and efficiency.  Cleated belt keeps the material from tumbling under extreme incline conditions.  Features 1/3 H.P. 110/60 gear motor.  Bed is 14 gauge formed.  4" drive pulley.  1-1/2" high cleats on 12" centers. Top drive.

Power Belt Conveyors 

Heavy duty slider bed power conveyor.  Where power, performance and efficiency are needed, slider bed conveyors do the job.  Designed for semi-permanent installation to move packages.  Driven by a dependable 1/2 H.P. 115/60 motor.  Long wear belt is PVC construction.  Rugged 12 gauge frame features a 4" diameter lagged pulley.  Belt travels 60 F.P.M. Supports included for 30" conveyor height.  Does not include electrical controls.

Skate Wheel Conveyors 

Transport boxes, cartons, packages, efficiently and speedily.  Perfect for unloading trucks, assembly line work or moving material from on point to another.  Strong and long lasting, built for minimum weight maximum strength.  Aluminum conveyors have 2-1/2" x 1" x 1/8" aluminum channel frames, while steel ones have 2-1/2" x 1" x 12 gauge galvanized frame.  Wheels are zinc plated to resist corrosion.  Available in straight or curved sections.  3" inside radius on curved sections.

Slim  Power Conveyor 

Affordable portable conveyor that is ideal for loading and unloading, incline transfer of packages or machine filling requirements.  Lightweight for fast set up, take down.  Powered by a tough 1/4 H.P. 115/60 motor.  Long lasting belt travels 60 F.P.M.  Rugged 12 gauge frame handles loads up to 100 lbs.  Extended frame above belt to keep small parts from falling off.  No supports or electrical controls included.

Super Duty Roller Conveyor  

No ob is to tough for this super conveyor.  3-1/2" rollers make this conveyor practically indestructible. Rollers are 3-1/2" x .216" wall thickness for extra strength.  Axels are 11/16" hex and drilled for cotter pins.  Frames are 6" x 8.2 Lbs. per foot structural channel. 5 Welded cross braces for reinforcement.  Frame capacity over 10' is 8,600 lbs. 5' is 16,000 lbs. 1,100 lb. roller capacity.  Rollers can be set high or low.


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