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 Dock equipment for industrial, commercial and institutional use. From wheel chocks and dock plates, to hydraulic truck dock scissor lifts.

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Aluminum Dock Boards  

This dock equipment is made of tough aluminum alloy and curbs are structural steel with cast tapered ends, bolted on for increased durability. This dock board is designed for extra strength and safety. Stop angles are made of structural steel. Capacities are suitable for fork truck use. 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 pounds. Two different widths to fit most requirements, 60" and 72" with lengths of 36", 48", 60" and 72"

Aluminum Dock Plates  

Lightweight and easily portable by just one person, for an easy material handling solution for loading and un-loading shipments . These plates are convenient, safe and the easy way to access loading docks from trucks. ( Made for hand, platform or pallet trucks only.) Checkered surface ensures skid free traction. 11 degree bend in the plate allows edges to be flush at dock and truck for smooth material transfer. Beveled edges reduce tire ware and excessive equipment jarring. Locking legs secure the plate for safe loading and unloading. Complete with carrying handles attached to the locking legs. Plates come in widths of 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72" and lengths of 24", 30", 36", 48" and 60". Capacities range from 1,400 to 6,500 pounds.

Aluminum Walk Ramps  

Ideal for loading or unloading trucks when a dock is not available.  Lightweight, convenient and safe.  Durable, yet lightweight, these ramps are perfect for use with 2 or 4 wheeled carts.  Safety chains are provided to connect the ramp to the truck.  Grooved plates provide excellent traction.  Style A - Rests on the truck bed, Style B - Steel hooks mount to exterior of truck.

Cargo Bars

When trucks move keep trailer contents securely in place with easy to use cargo bars. All steel 1-1/2" square 14 Ga. tubular construction won't bend or give. 4" sq. steel end plates feature rubber pads for positive gripping action. Fits between trailer walls. Adjusts 87" to 115"

Dock Ladders

Available in walk-through and side step models. Constructed with 3/4" diameter solid round rungs with 12" spacing. 1" diameter steel pipe members and handrails. Pre-drilled fastener plates. Overall width 21-1/2". All Side-step models include four hand rungs above climbing rungs. Conforms to OSHA code 1910.27

Dock Seals

Dock seals combine the advantage of low cost and excellent sealing action. Designed for maximum energy savings with long-lasting features. For use with 8' high x 8' wide doors. 36 oz. nylon facing has a higher tear strength than equivalent weight hypalon. Chemically seals ends prevent moisture infiltration. Full height air escape tunnel. Mounted and bonded on durable wolmanized wood. 2" Nylon reinforced vinyl guide stripes. Through the wall installation kits included. Three piece construction; top - 12"H x 114" W x 10" projection; sides 96" H x 10" projection with beveled sides with 9.5" at the wall, and 12" at the face.

Dock Seal / Shelter 

For use with 8' W. x 10' H. doors. Top header is constructed of sloped wolmanized lumber and is built with slope to allow for water run-off. Header measures 114" W. with 30" drop curtain. Side (verticals) measure 120" tall and contain high density foam mounted to treated lumber. Once mounted, the face of the vertical will measure 12" W. and will taper to 9.5" at wall. Vertical are mounted on 2" x 12" allowing mounted down the length of vertical pieces.

Dock Shelters 

For use with 10" H. x 10'W. doors. Also reduces oversized doors to match truck opening. Long wear fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. Fiberglass staves are sewn in the panel. Seal is formed along the sides and top of the truck when the vertical and top panels are pushed inward by the truck. Supporting structure is made of 2 x 4 wolmanized lumber. Shelter is protected by safety yellow steel guide protectors. The top header piece measures 132" W. and contains a drop curtain which measures 36"H. Two vertical pieces measure 126" tall with vertical flaps measuring 21"W. When installed the shelter will close door opening down to 90" W. x 90"H opening between flaps. Additional features include bottom corner draft pads, steel guide protectors and vertical guide strips on vertical flaps.

Edge of Dock Leveler 

An economical leveler that attaches permanently to dock front, ready for instant use. Guards keep feet under ramp. Easy to operate, pull lip up and in, after use lip automatically drops when truck pulls away from dock. Installs easily. Available in either mechanical or electric hydraulic units. Dock height must be minimum of 48" high. 66" and 72" width available.

Laminated Dock Bumpers   

Shock-absorbing laminated bumpers are made of indestructible piles of truck tire fabric. Protect your docks, trucks, walls and floors from damaging trailer impact. Bumpers resist outdoor aging and weathering. Install easily by bolting or welding. Pliable rubber fits uneven surfaces. No dock should be without a shock-absorbing dock. Sizes 4-1/2" D. x 10", 12" W. x 12", 14", 18' 24" 30" or 36" L.

Laminated Rubber Wheel Chocks 

  • Popular chock - thanks to functional design and durability.

  • Cord reinforced rubber provides a sure grip on concrete or paved surfaces.

Curved surface snugly fits tires. Measures 8" W. x 8"H. 8" D. Meets OSHA requirements.

Mechanical Hinged Lip Dock Levelers 

Ease truck loading and unloading with a rugged dock leveler, engineered and designed for minimum maintenance. Latest design features ensure smooth operation, recessed chain releases deck allowing is to go up and down. Springs lift dock through a graduated cam ensuring a uniform vertical force. Easy walk down. All heavy duty construction features include, 1/4" non skid checkered plate steel, 6" structural steel support understructure for long life. Lip is 16" long with 55,000 PSI steel. Includes steel toe guards on both sides, flush with platform edge. Available in 30,000 - 50,000 pound models.

Molded Bumpers 

An economical bumper for excellent truck and dock protection. Made of tough long wearing rubber, 3" thick and 4-3/4" wide. Easily mounted to wood, steel or concrete. Length 10".

Rubber Wheel Chocks 

  • Economical nylon reinforced molded rubber provides sure grip traction.

  • Rubber resists tearing, abrasion, ozone weathering.

Safety engineered to prevent sliding. Complete with cadmium plated eyebolt. Meets OSHA requirements. Measures 9" W. x 8"D. x 5-3/4" H.

Optional Security Chain 

  • Prevents lost or stolen wheel chocks.

Stabilizing Jacks 

Durable two way ratchet has a 2" diameter screw. Usable range varies from 39" to 51". Oversize base measures 27" W. x 48" L. *" diameter top cap for even load distribution. Rolls on 8" semi- pneumatic wheels. Safety yellow in color. Model HBFSJ-2748

Steel Truck Dock Boards   

Lever Lift feature permits convenient transfer with your forklift truck. Heavy duty steel dock board is especially designed for ease of transfer. First pull up lever lift handle, position forks under dock board and it's ready to move or reposition. Beveled edges on both ends permit smooth entry and exit. Deck is checkered for safe, efficient use. Safety stops eliminate ramp movement. Lip is 9", crowned at truck end. Side rail ends are safety sloped. Meets OSHA requirements. Capacities 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 pounds. Two different widths to fit most requirements, 60" and 72" with lengths of 36", 48", 60" and 72"

Vinyl Strip Doors 

Versatile, self-sealing barrier allows for easy passage of equipment of personnel, while reducing loss of heated or cooled air through doors and openings. Vinyl strip doors reduce noise, dust, fumes, drafts, conserve energy and increases worker productivity. Great for loading docks, traffic doors and many other locations in your plant. Heavy duty flexible vinyl strips withstand temperatures -20 to 170 degrees F. Rounded edges avoid cutting and snagging, concave convex curvature allows strips to be interlocked when hung, forming an excellent seal. Available ribbed strips prevent scratching and stay clear longer. Ribbed strips reduce contact area and static cling. Hardware is 14 Ga. galvanized steel, universal mounting brackets allow for ease of installation. Available in standard smooth, anti-scratch ribbed. USDA, anti-static. Also available in bronze for welding area's. Strip widths 8", 12" and 16" wide

Wheel Risers 

Extra strong risers compensate for dock height differences. Raises truck bed to dock height to handle fork lift and pallet truck loading and unloading operations. Available in steel of aluminum. Capacities 30,000 and 40,000 pounds. Heights 6", 8" 10" and 12". Lengths 48", 60", 108", 114" an 120".

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