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 Moving dollies for industrial, commercial and institutional use. From stair climbing dollies and steel platform dollies, heavy duty machine mover dolly. If you need moving dollies call us at 888-376-5020.

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Escalara Stair Climbing Dolly - More Info

Second to none in professional duty stair climbing dollies.  This is the best ergonomic dolly on the market today.

More equipment moving dollies

Dual Purpose Dolly -

Rugged construction supports loads up to 400 lbs. 15 by 25" dolly is perfect to carry vertical, letter size, file cabinets as well as cartons, packages, or awkward size loads. Made of welded 1" square tubular steel frame with reinforced gusseted corners and protective vinyl end caps. Rolls on 4 light duty, swivel stern casters with soft rubber tread wheels. 4 3/4" height. Green epoxy powder coated finish.

Open Top MT Series Dollies -

Combination of steel and wood or plastic to deliver load capacities up to 1000 lbs. These new dollies are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance year after year. Features gray epoxy powder coated side members of formed steel for greater strength and 1" raised end members. 18" width and 30" length are standard. Height is either 4 3/4" or 5 3/4".

Flush Deck Platform Dolly -

Longwearing hardwood construction ensures dependable use for years. Easy maneuverability with three inch polyolefin casters. Available in either 18 or 24" width and 24, 30, or 36" length. Caster size is 3 by 1 1/4".

All Purpose Wood Platform Dolly -

Hardwood deck for easy loading and long life. Easy to maneuver, even in congested areas with three inch polyolefin casters. Available in 18 or 24" width and 24, 30, or 36" length. Caster size is also 3 by 1 1/4".

Open Deck Dollies -

Rugged hardwood construction endures hard use. All swivel casters for excellent maneuverability. Available with carpeted ends to prevent scratches of delicate surfaces. 18 or 24" width and 24, 30, or 36" length. Caster size same as Flush Deck Platform Dollies.

Steel Platform Dollies - 

Smooth top for easy loading. All welded for sturdy, long lasting use. Maneuvers easily with all swivel hard rubber casters. 16, 18, or 24" width and 24, 27, 30 or 36" length. Caster size is 3 by 1 1/4".

Structural Steel Platform Dolly -

Sturdy angle iron construction is designed to handle heavy loads easily. Swivel casters provide total maneuverability. 18 or 24" width and 24, 27, 30, or 36" length. Caster size is 4 by 1 1/2" hard rubber.

Hardwood Dollies -

Rugged, durable and easy rolling. These dollies are constructed from select kiln-dried northern hardwoods cut, planed, and molded to a full 7/8" thickness. All dollies feature a special finish with countersunk bolt holes to provide a smooth working surface. All include standard 3" non-marking polyolefin casters with 900 lb. capacity. Available in 5 different options.
A) Solid dolly- Our most popular style... suited for almost any job. Features three cross battens on 36" and 48" length.
B) Flush dolly- Full 1 3/4" thick double length rails 4" wide. Smooth, open deck.
C) Regular dolly- Strength and reliability at an economical price. All rails are 4" wide.
D) Carpet End dolly- Padded carpeting protects furniture and appliances.
E) Rubber Cap dolly- Non-skid reinforced rubber cap keeps slippery loads in place. Great for the professional mover. Rubber cap boards are 3" wide.
All dollies are 24, 27, 30, 36 or 48" width and 16, 18, 24" length.

Hugger Steel Dolly -

This Low-Profile Steel Dolly allows loading and unloading of materials at floor level. Four-3 by 1 1/4" hard rubber wheels allows easy turning. Painted royal blue.

Deluxe Riggers Outfits -

Prepackaged and ready to move the heavies! Steel roll outfits for ordinary floors-- nylon roller chain style for delicate floors. Everything but the manpower is here for your heavy
moving needs. Outfits include 4 swivel movers and 2 full length steering handles in a sturdy, lockable 14 gallon steel storage case. Choose NYLON CHAINS for hospital, lab, office, showroom or industrial equipment moves up to 40 tons on painted, polyurethane coated and even epoxy topped floors without surface damage. High impact, solid nylon chains and the built in padded tops combine to give high capacity, yet are gentle to the floors. Steering handles above fit swivel styles. Heavy duty STEEL CHAINS move equipment on standard factory floors. The 2 and 4 ton Nylon outfits and the 3 and 8 ton Steel Outfits have a 4 swivel padded movers or 2 swivel and 2 rigid padded movers. The 8, 12, and 24 ton Nylon Outfits have swivel locking padded movers, while the 15 to 60 ton Steel Chain Outfits feature either 4 swivel locking padded movers or swivel locking diamond steel grid movers.

The Heavy Duty Machine Mover Dolly -

Safely move heavy loads without expensive equipment. Low friction, crawling chain action of these economical Machinery Movers transports heavy equipment right on factory floors. Easy to use: lift the load just inches, set the movers and move. Choose Steel Chains for ordinary concrete floors or non marking Nylon Chains for delicate floors. Available in either rigid style for straight line moving or swivel style when turns are required. Swivel style features a locking device integrated every 45 degrees for precision placement. Steel chains top styles available in diamond grid or with built in pad. Nylon chain movers are all padded for additional floor protection. All steel frame construction withstands rough use. Steering handles are available for the swivel styles.

More Equipment Moving Dollies

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