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Heavy Duty Material Moving Dolly


Dollies for industrial, commercial and institutional use. From desk moving dollies to stair climbing dollies, to rigger dollies. If you do not see the material handling moving dollies you are looking for call us at (888) 376-5020.

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Stair Climbing Dolly Aluminum Channel Dolly Rigger Outfits Drum Moving Dolly
Stair Climbing Dolly Aluminum Channel Moving Dolly Deluxe Rigger Outfits Drum Moving Dolly
Our Stair climbing dolly, makes moving appliances, stoves, furnaces a breeze with these battery operated stair climbing dollies.  Sturdy aluminum moving dollies are constructed of aluminum channel and supports loads up to 2,000 lbs.  Lightweight design. Perfect dollies for your heavy duty moving needs.  Steel rollers for ordinary floors, nylon roller chain for delicate floor conditions. Rugged durability is achieved by a sturdy frame with a unique, formed cross section -- supports 1000 lbs.
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Duel Purpose Dollies  

Plastic Moving Dollies


Hardwood Dolly Machinery Movers
Dual Purpose Moving Dollies Flush Plastic Moving Dollies Hardwood Dollies Heavy Duty Machinery Movers
Rugged dolly supports loads to 400 lbs.  These dollies are perfect to carry letter size filing cabinets, cartons, or awkward size loads. One piece molded polyethylene dollies are lightweight and easy to clean. Will not rot, warp, dent or splinter. HPOS-1624 features a molded handle to be easily carried up and down stairs. FOB Shipping Point. These mobile dollies are constructed of select kiln dried hardwoods. Available in flush deck or solid deck models. Rolls on molded rubber swivel casters. Safely move heavy loads without expensive equipment.  Low friction, crawling chain action of these machinery moving dolly transports heavy equipment.
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Octo Drum Dolly Open Deck Dolly Plastic Dollies  


Pallet Moving Dolly



Octo Drum dolly Open Deck Dolly Plastic Dolly Pallet Moving Dolly
OCTO Dolly safely handles 55 gal. steel drums. Allows for maximum maneuverability. Rolls smoothly on 8 - 4" swivel cast iron casters allowing the dolly to move in any direction. Hefty 2000 lb. capacity.
Rugged hardwood construction endures hard use.  All swivel casters for excellent maneuverability. One piece plastic dolly, flush or padded.  Perfect furniture moving dolly.  Padded design protects from damage. Non marking casters. One man can move pallet loads up to 8,000 lbs.  Super tough aluminum construction.  
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Shelving Dolly Bar Cradle Dolly Structural Steel Dolly  Wood Dolly with Hand Grip
Shelving Dollies Steel Bar Cradle Dolly Structural Steel Moving Dollies Wood Dolly With Hand Grip
WIRE SHELVING - HEAVY-DUTY DOLLY BASES - For use with Square Post Shelving. 2,500 lb. capacity. Dolly base attaches to starter units to create a heavy-duty wire cart. 6" non-marking wide tread casters (2 swivel, 2 rigid). Corner bumpers protect walls and furnishings. Fully assembled.
Steel bar cradle dolly has a capacity of 4,000 and 10,000 lbs. Elevated cradles accommodate forklift loading. Specially designed "C" channel cradles provide increased capacity.
Tough , all steel dollies for every day use.  Perfect for moving heavy equipment, bulk cases or heavy cartons. Convenient hand grip slot makes dollies easy to carry. Heavy-duty 3/4" thick poplar deck. Fully machined on CNC equipment. Rounded corners to reduce wall and box damage.
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