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Drum Pumps
Adjustable Chemical Pumps -
Polypropylene body is excellent for most acids and chemicals, especially where overfilling and under filling might be dangerous. Four setting snap on adapter tube lets you dispense accurate portions with each stroke, without measuring. Prevents dripping with added 360 degree rotating spout safety feature. Pump fits 3/4" and 2" bungs. Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. models.
High Seed Rotary Pump -
Can empty a 55 gallon drum in less than 2 minutes. Designed for transferring petroleum fluids. Features a lightweight aluminum body, steel suction tube, polyethylene discharge tube and 2" IPS adjustable bung adapter.

PVC Hand Pumps -
Fits 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums with standard 2" PVC bung adapter. All purpose hand action pump is ready for a variety of pumping chores. Rugged design handles up to 22 oz. per stroke and includes 36" discharge hose for the complete package.

Drum Containment Equipment

Poly Dolly -
A multi-functional two wheel dispensing station. This rugged Poly Dolly transports drums with ease. Tilts to become an efficient self-dispensing station. Acts as its own secondary containment unit. Double looped strap for easy loading. Tough polyethylene can't rust or corrode. Fork liftable from the rear. Integrally molded handles. Recessed strap ring won't break off. U-shaped barrel platform. Bung hole simplifies draining of contents from sump. Raised ribbed dispensing well.. 5 gallon pail easily fits. Incidental spills can easily be cleaned up on the dispensing well floor. Large 80 gallon sump capacity exceeds 40 CFR 264.175d. Rolls through 36" doorways. Holds up to 600 pounds. Measures 69" x 34" x 27".

Poly Rack System - piece polyethylene rack holds (2) 55 gallon drums over 100 gallon containment sump. Deep dispensing well holds 5 gallon pails, contains incidental spills in a ribbed bottom. Dispensing wells have a scalloped edge, pails can be easily removed. Both sides of the unit have a drain plug. Entire unit can be transported by forklift. Measures 53" x 48.5" x 23".
Poly-Spill Cart -
Eliminates risk of spills during transport. Easy maneuvering cart has 55 gallon sump capacity. Features handle and 360 degree pivoting rear casters, (rear wheels brake for security.) Built in tool tray keeps tools and other small objects clean and handy. Large, internal sump holds incidental spills. Duel drain plugs lets you empty sump easily from below. Structural foam gate removes for easy cleaning. Primary sump holds 22 gallons. Simply remove plug for an additional 33 gallons of secondary sump capacity. 'Rolls through 36" doorways. Holds 500 pounds of UDL weight. Measures 63.5" x 29" x 40".

Drum Fork Attachments

Auto-Grip Drum Grab -
This heavy duty grip actually works faster than hydraulic units of drums are of the same size. Manually adjusted to fit drums 18" to 23" dia. Safely stacks, moves or palletizes 30 to 55 gallon steel drums. OSHA safety green in color.
Hydraulic Powered Versa-Grip -
Stacks drums both vertically and horizontally. Jaws adjust hydraulically 13" to 14" in dia. Features controlled dumping forward up to 125 degrees. Handles steel or fiber drums up to 55 gallons. Equipped with a safety lock-out valve that automatically locks the jaw during a hydraulic failure. OSHA safety green in color. Available in to different models
(A) Lift-Truck Powered
Driver pulls a cord to divert power from the tilting to the dumping mode. Truck must be equipped with an auxiliary valve
control and hydraulic quick coupler.
(B) Self-Powered
All controls are electrical. A hand held control box, attached to a coil-spring type cord can be magnetically mounted
next to the driver. Can be used on gas or electric trucks without modification. Features it's own hydraulic Power-Pack
powered by tow 12 volt batteries (not included).

Mechanical Drum Snatcher -
Unique knuckle gripping system lets the driver approach the drum, lower the "Drum Snatcher" down around it, and lift. Safe and easy to operate. Transport one or two steel ringed barrels at one time. Attaches to forklift in seconds. Thick steel construction for sure, safe lifting. Available for 55 & 30 gallon drums.

Poly Jaws Drum Grip -

Works on poly drums that have at least a 3/16" top lip.  Fork truck driver does not have to leave cab to engage of disengage drum.  Handles most 55 gal. and 30 gal. poly drums.  1,000 lb. capacity.

The Drum Griper -
Easily and quickly pick up one or two steel drums without leaving the fork truck. Slip the fork tines into the fork tubes and the Drum Gripper is ready to work. Driver approaches the drum, lowers the gripper around the drum and lifts. Knuckle gripping system securely grasps the drum. Drum is automatically released by lowering the forks. Available in single or double models for 30 or 55 gallon drums.

The Barrel Carrier -
Lift, transport and rotate 55 gallon barrels. Rotates 360 degrees. Engineered and built for maximum safety and ease of operation. Long wearing gear mechanism efficiently rotates heavy 55 gallon steel barrels. Safety chain securely attaches to forklift. Fork pockets measure 7.5 x 2.5 I.D. on 31" centers.

Drum Lifting Equipment

Drum Hauler -

Self powered drum transporters and dumpers.  Makes an easy task of transporting drums in and out of trucks or up and down ramps. 800 lb. Capacity. Gradient performance: 15% no load, 10% with 800 lb. load. Speed controlled provides infinite forward or reverse creep speeds.  Electromagnetic disc brakes, battery discharge indicator.

Eagle-Grip Attachments -

Attachments for  handling drums.  Series 1 - single clamping, Series 2 - double clamping

Easy Lift Drum Transporter -

The safe, simple and effective way to lift and move drums without a fork lift.  Move, lift and lower drums all in the vertical position, rasing or lowering to a full 20". Eliminates strained backes, pinched fingers and the risk of injury manhandling drums
Hydraulic Drum Carrier / Boom -
Sturdy and safe Carrier / Boom allows one operator to easily lift, transport and dispense fully loaded drums. Drum is safely secured to the saddle and lifted by pumping the hydraulic foot pump. Hand crank on 60" lift unit and chain rotation on other efficiently tilts drum. Drum carrier rotates out of the way of the boom attachment....stores on the lower unit. Rolls on 4" rear swivel casters and 8" front rigid wheels 800lb. capacity. Lift heights available 60", 72", 84" and 96".

Raptor Drum Handler -

Easily remove drums from containment skids or full pallets.  The Raptor employs a parrot beak style grab that is able to handle virtually any kind of drum.  Simple design allows the operator to load or unload drums from containment pallets. Uniquely able to glide over standard pallets and grab drums from the middle of the pallet. Comes with 6" poly wheels for easy maneuverability. Rear caster is equipped with a brake for added safety. Handles loads up to 800 pounds.


Counterweight Style -
For drum handling applications where minimal front leg clearance is required. The counterweighted ROTO-Lift offers the same drum handling capacities as the straddle-type ROTO-Lift, thanks to the counterweighted design and slightly larger wheels for easier maneuverability. Duel counterweight holders add stability by evenly distributing 34 - 13.5 pound steel plates. Front wheels are 5" poly and the rear wheels are 4" swivel. Available in battery or manual powered lifting and tilting.
Available in 61" and 71" lifting heights

Portable Hydraulic Drum Dumper -
Controlled and safe dumping of heavy drums. All hydraulic lifting and controlled tilting for efficient one-man operation. Precision engineered hydraulic system for smooth, maintenance-free use. Complete with heavy duty steel chute. 120 volt electric power standard. Easy mobility on heavy duty wheels. Complete with floor screws. Alternate 12 V, deep cell battery or air/oil explosion resistant system available. Optional stainless steel chute available. Four Dumping heights 36', 42", 48", 54" and 60" along with 750, 1,000 and 1,500 pound capacities.

Straddle Style -
Designed for precision handling of drums - can be used for mixing or inverting barrels. Made to exacting specifications for ease of use and durability. Pushes easily with manual steering handles and rolls on 4" x 1-1/2" swivel rear poly wheels and 3" x 1-1/4" rigid front poly wheels. Includes nylon straps and ratchet tightened to secure various sizes of drums. Lifts drums up to 800 pounds. 44" turning radius. Lifting speed of 17 FPM. Legs are 25-1/2" long and set 24" apart. Available in battery and manual powered units with lifting heights of 61" or 71"

Drum Storage Equipment

Drum Compactor / Crusher -
Simple, safe to use...reduces storage space. Address environmental issues. Safely crushes 55 gallon steel drums to approximately 6" in height. Crushes 55 gallon plastic drums to approximately 50% of original size allowing for more effective recycling. Crusher is automatic and easy to use. Attendant places drum in the crusher and secures the door. Start button descends ram to crush drum. After crushing cycle the ram returns automatically to the open position and the motor shuts off. All moving parts are enclosed for maximum safety. While door is open, safety switch prohibits operation. During the crushing cycle, if the door opens, motor shuts off completely and immediately. Push button controls. Standard voltages: 230 or 460, 3 phase. Heavy-duty all welded steel construction.

Drum Rack -
These heavy duty racks are built for full drum storage. Features 3" structural channel upright frames and heavy duty cross beams (adjustable every 4"). Portable drum cradles are made of 1" pipe to prevent premature drum wear. Cradles included with each rack...easily removable to allow palletized material. Available in 3 level / 12 drum or 4 level / 16 drum models.

Drum Trucks & Dollies

Drum Dollies -
Transport 900 pound drums easily, safely with these all welded steel dollies. All swivel casters for maximum mobility. Handles 30 or 55 gallon drums.

Drum Hand Trucks -
Easily tilts and moves heavy drums. Strong all welded frame is 1-5/16" O.D. x 12 gauge steel tubing. Adjustable chime firmly grips the lip of 30 or 55 gallon drums. Wide spaced handles for greater stability. Kick stand for upright storage. Available in 1,000 and 1,200 pound models.

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets -

Protect flammable liquids from fires or explosion with worry-free storage cabinets. 
Permits flammable material to be kept at work locations no more lost time, no
more problems with carrying containers filled at remote storage.
They're built with one thing in mind -- safety. Features double-walled construction of heavy
18-gauge welded steel, with 1-1/2" of air space, 2" leak proof seal at the bottom, four adjustable
leveling feet, three-point door lock with key and built-in connector for grounding. Complete with
capped vents. Durable powder paint finish provides excellent chemical resistance. FLAMMABLE
KEEP FIRE AWAY. Cabinets conform to OSHA regulations and NFPA 30. FOB Shipping Point.
Two-Door Manual Cabinet Door swings effortlessly on full-length piano hinge. Two-Door Self-Closing
Cabinet Doors close automatically in case of fire or high heat. Doors employ fusible links that can
be engaged to hold doors open Links melt at 165F allowing doors to close automatically (not

Portable Drum Racks -
All welded racks are made of heavy wall structural steel tubing. Drum cradles are 1/4" formed steel. Racks stack 4 high and provide four way access with a forklift. Individual racks may be loaded or rack or the entire stack may be moved. Available in two or three drum models.

Wesco Drum Trucks -

Finest drum trucks available.  Industrial strength heavy duty 1" structural pipe frames.  All joints double welded.  All trucks can be stored standing upright.


More Equipment for Drum Handling

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