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 Industrial Chairs, from Bevco  Industrial chairs to Sit star stools and Sit Standing Chairs to Bio Fit Comfort Industrial Chairs . If you do not see the industrial chairs you are looking for call us at (888) 376-5020.

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Bevco 7000 Series Ergonomic Polyurethane Seating -

Designed for outstanding comfort and long lasting use in the toughest workplace environment.  12 Year "Intensive Use" (Lifetime Guarantee on Cylinders) warranty.  Self skinned polyurethane seat and back resists stains and damage for punctures, grease, water and chemicals.  Ventilation ribs for air circulation, greater comfort and ease of cleaning.  Pneumatic seat height adjustment and adjustable back.

Diesel Stools -

Ideally suited for industrial, institutional and educational applications.  Standard with manually adjustable seat height.  The Diesel is available in two base models, an open 4 leg low base unit or a bell shaped 4 leg  with fixed foot rest high base unit.

EDS - Electrostatic Dissipative Chairs -

EDS chairs control the generation of static electricity and helps protect electronic equipment and data in sensitive work areas.  Components are integrated into one complete circuit, which enables static electricity to be discharged through a cable in the base. 

Lift Truck Replacement Seating -

High quality replacement seats for increased ergonomics and operations.  Universally designed lift truck seats replace worn and broken down seat for any industrial truck.

Sit Star Stools -

Features a unique, tractor like seat which creates a secure, seated position on an adjustable height stool 27" to 34"  PVC coated polyurethane provides soft, comfortable seating and a durable, washable surface.

Sit - Stands by Bevco -

Reduces worker fatigue where permanent seating is not practical.  Seat is 13" x 13" soft formed polyurethane, seat tilt adjustment. 22" to 32" seat height adjustment with pneumatic cylinder. 12 Year guaranty.

Utility Chairs -

These state of the art high quality chairs are ideal for production lines and workstations.  Ergonomically designed to promote good posture.  Waterfall front to ease pressure behind the knees. Contoured back with tilt for lumbar support


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(If you do note see what you are looking for please call (888) 376-5020)

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