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 Industrial Chairs, from Bevco  Industrial chairs to Safco Sitstar stools and Standing Chairs to Bio Fit Comfort Industrial Chairs . If you do not see the industrial chairs you are looking for call us at (888) 376-5020.

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Bevco Industrial Chairs Bevco Production Line Chairs Bio Fit Tough Tech Diesel Stools
Bevco Industrial Chairs, 7000 Series Bevco Production Line Chairs Soft Tough Tech Series Diesel Stools
Designed for outstanding comfort these industrial chairs are used in the toughest workplace environments.  Life time guarantee of cylinders Economical upholstered industrial chair for production line and industrial uses.  12 Year "Intensive Use" (lifetime guarantee of cylinders) warranty. Self-skinned urethane seats and backrests are padded and features ventilation ribs. "Soft Touch" pneumatic mechanism allows easy adjustment of the seat height. Upholstery available in Black self-skinned urethane.  Ideally suited industrial chair for institutional and educational applications.
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EDS Chairs  

Lab Stools


Stack Chairs  Pneumatic Stool
Electrostatic Dissipative Chairs, EDS Lab Stools Contour Stack Chairs Pneumatic Stools
EDS - electrostatic dissipative industrial chairs control the generation of static electricity and helps protect electronic equipment and data in sensitive work areas. Comfortable, generously cushioned industrial chair and a full 360 degree swivel.  Choose between manual of pneumatic height adjustment. Ideal for use in meeting rooms, break rooms, cafeterias, offices or anywhere extra seating is required. Stacks up to 15 high for efficient storage.
Ideal for low counter, table and desk applications. Height range is adjustable with a pneumatic lift. Large 14" round molded polyurethane seat won't crack or peel.
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BioFit Chairs Sitstar Stools Sit Stand Stools  


Utility Chairs



High Tech Seating Sit Star Stools Sit - Stand Chairs, Standing Stools Utility Chairs
These High-Tech series includes high performance use and day-long seating comfort. All chairs have chrome-plated metal parts.  Features a unique, tractor like seat which creates a secure, seated position on an adjustable height stool 27" to 34" height. Reduces worker fatigue where permanent seating is not practical. These standing chairs allow the worker to half sit while working. These state of the art high quality industrial chairs are ideal for production lines and workstations where space is limited.
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