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Carousel Pallet Turntable - 

Utilizes the "Lazy Susan" concept to increase productivity by reducing operator fatigue and time. Strong and durable construction features easily handled loads up to 6,000 pounds.. Diameters available are 30". 36", 40", 48", 60", 72".


 45 Tilt Series...tilts pallets, crates, boxes or baskets to 45 to facilitate loading or unloading. Deck height is 24" when horizontal. Tables feature all welded steel construction for years of durability. Unique design minimizes pinch points to meet OSHA requirements. Equipped with an industrial quality, 56 frame 2 HP motor -- delivers best torque with minimal amperage draw and maximum life. Standard voltage is 208-230/460. Push button hand control is standard.

90 Tilt Series...same features as 45 Tilt Series but features a full 90 of tilt. Ideal for unending products in shipping and receiving operations. Must be lagged to the floor.
Electric Hydraulic Corner Tilter -

Tilts 30 degrees - makes many packing jobs easier and faster.  Tilts pallets, crates, boxes or baskets.  Makes items easier for reach and pull.  Smaller items tend to move to corner.  Increases efficiency and productivity.  Reduces repetitive motion injuries and fatigue.  Economical and minimal maintenance.  Water resistant push button control. 2 H.P. motor, 208-230/460 volt 3 phase.

High Rise Lift Truck -

Designed for efficient and safe loading or unloading of heavy pallets. Also perfect for tote boxes and baskets. Built tough for industrial duty service. Available in A/C or Air.  Hydraulic pump lifts 2,500 pound loads 31". Rolls on high density 3" rollers and 8" x 2" phenolic steering wheels. Available in 27" x 48" and 20.5" x 48" forks. Optional battery charger available.

Hydraulic Basket / Box Dumper -

The next generation of dumpers to revolutionize the industry.  This ultimate dumper has advanced features from solid all welded steel construction to the emergency brass velocity fuse in the cylinder.  Main components include a 24v hand held pendant control, 56 frame motor, upper travel limit switch to reduce wear on components.  Safety features include: side rail guards, floor hold down bar, 3,000 psi hydraulic component rating, integrated brass velocity fuse mounted inside cylinder. Color royal blue.


No need to walk around table to access areas out of view. More than one person can work on projects without getting in each other's way. Easy, smooth rotation won't jostle delicate parts.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine -

Equipped with simple easy to operate controls, the new low profile Stretch Wrap takes the guesswork out of automated stretch wrapping. The Stretch Wrap's 48", 54" or 60" powered turntable holds up to 4,000 pounds and can wrap a fully-loaded pallet as tall as 79". Featured controls include vertical speed adjustment to allow the operator to customize wrap, overlap for extra protection on heavier loads, and wrap tensioned adjustment for various taught ness of stretch film. Manual override controls are included for staging or setup, and an emergency stop button provides safety by allowing the operator to stop the machine at any position. A programmable logic controller allows for a consistent sequence of operations and a choice between a single wrap or a double wrap cycle. In addition to saving you time and money, the ergonomically designed Stretch Wrap saves you stretch film.

Tilt Master -

Tilts and positions tote boxes or baskets to an ergonomically correct position. Reduces fatigue and back injuries, increasing productivity. Tilts up to 94 degrees. Straddled unit designed for efficient lifting, tilting, and positioning of boxes and pallets. Available in manual, foot pump, D/C, A/C, or air operated units, Capacities of 2,000 or 4,000 pounds.


Two operations available -- Hand Pump and 12V DC Power with rocket switch to raise and lower. Hand Pump design features an ergonomic pump handle with 2 lifting speeds to accommodate for light or heavy loads. Suffix "SS" for stainless steel construction

Uni-Tilt -

Rugged and durable lift and tilt reduces fatigue and back injuries. Increases productivity. Tilts and positions tote boxes or baskets to an ergonomically correct position. Tilts up to 40 degrees. By depressing the selector pedal the operator can choose to lift while tilting or tilt and then lift. As the platform lifts, the load center moves back keeping the load out of the working area. Capacity of 4,000 pounds and available in four deck sizes 24" x 48", 36" x 48", 48" x 48" and 48" x 54"


Features fused 24V, hand control with 4 buttons. Industrial quality, 56 frame, 2 HP motor delivers best torque with minimal amperage draw and maximum life. Electric pinch point guards on front of platform protect personnel. Upper travel limit switch reduces wear on components

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(If you do not see what you are looking for please call (888) 376-5020)

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