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Stair Climbing Hand Trucks - Information Page

Professional electric motorized stair climbing hand trucks. Stair climbing hand trucks come in two styles; The stair climbing hand trucks and the stair climbing fork lifts. There are many sizes and models to fit your specific needs.  All stair climbing hand trucks and stair climbing forklifts have a wide array of attachments to handle many types of applications.

Wesco Industrial Hand Trucks -

Industrial strength heavy duty schedule 40 pipe frame construction.  Ribbed cross braces for extra strength.  All joints double welded.  *" deep x 14" wide nose plate with machined bevelled edge and radiused corners for safety.  Zinc plated auto lok axles assure smooth wheel rotation.   All frames handle 8" or 10" wheels.  5 year guarantee against weld defects.

Wesco Freight King -

Heavy duty warehouse hand truck.  Replaceable hardwood handles are essential for use in cold environments.  Frame made from one piece heavy gauge pressed steel.  Beveled open 5" or 8" nose is made of .5" thick steel.  

Appliance Trucks -

Move heavy appliances safely with maximum efficiently. Holds 700 lbs. with strap and ratchet system. Rubber front eliminates scratches of delicate surfaces. 4 1/2" by 24" toe plate. 16 1/2"W by 60"H frame size.

Aluminum Hand Trucks -  

Durable aluminum extrusion construction and riveted for extra strength. Supports loads up to 500 lbs. Extremely lightweight for easy handling. 14"w bevelled magnesium nose plate. 5/8" steel axle accepts 8 or 10" wheels. Wheels feature longwearing nylon bearings. Attractive chrome finish. Stands 49"H.

Steel Convertible Hand Truck

Use as a hand truck, then convert in seconds to a four wheel truck. Unique snap - button handle system makes conversion easy and efficient.

Wesco Cobra Aluminum Convertible Hand Trucks -

Use as a hand truck of a platform truck.  Tough, durable and lightweight.  Smooth and easy transition for the two to four wheel position.

Wesco Superlite Folding Hand Truck -  

Great for travel, office, sports and other activities.  Lightweight aluminum construction.  Super Lite and Mini Mover have aluminum frame, Maxi Mover has steel frame.

Duel Directional Hand Truck -

Works as a standard hand truck or as a panel cart. Transports loads forward, backwards or left and right.

Steel Duel Handle Hand Truck -

Maximize control for different loads.

Steel "P" Handle Truck -

Great to free up your other hand to open doors or handle material, easy to steer and manoeuvre.

Curved Back Hand Truck -  

Curved back handle is ideal for one hand operation. Sturdy all pipe 1" O.D. frame is welded into a solid unit. Bevelled nose plate 7" by 14". Removable 5/8" dia. axle. Choice of wheels. Gray. Available in 14" width or 45 or 52" height.

Heavy Duty Hand Trucks -

This rugged truck is available in three handle types. Heavy gauge steel is all welded into a solid unit and features cross braces for added strength. 12" by 14" nose plate has exclusive brace bars underneath for increased supporting power. 14"w by 47"h frame. Available in Loop Handle, Curved Back or Plow Handle.

Gas Cylinder Cart -

This sturdy all welded steel cart safely handles 650 lb. cylinders. Made of thick 12 gallon tubing. Support chain securely holds the cylinder. 8"d by 14"w nose plate. 14"w by 45 1/2"h frame. Choice of tires.

Wooden  Handle Warehouse Truck -

These reliable trucks are built for steady year in, year out performance. Bolted - on wooden handles are popular in cold climates and absorb vibration from rough travel.

Steel Appliance - Vending Machine Trucks -

Move heavy appliances safely and easily.  Vending machine trucks have retractable mold-on rubber casters that help support loads.  Improved kick out design allows operator to kick out wheels while keeping both hands on the truck


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