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 Hand Trucks, from folding hand truck to convertible hand trucks and appliance hand trucks . Full Line of Wesco Hand Trucks. If you do not see the hand trucks you are looking for call us at (888) 376-5020.

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Appliance Hand Trucks Convertible Hand Trucks Folding Hand Trucks Wesco Hand Trucks
Appliance Hand Trucks  Cobra Aluminum Convertible Hand Trucks Folding Hand Trucks Wesco Industrial hand Trucks
Move heavy appliances safely with maximum efficiently.  These appliance hand trucks hold 700 lbs. comes with strap ratchet system Use as a hand truck or a platform hand truck.  Tough, durable and lightweight.  Made by Wesco. Great for travel, office, sports and other activities where you need a folding hand truck to save space. Industrial strength heavy duty hand trucks.  All welds on these Wesco Hand Trucks are guaranteed for 5 years.
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Escalera Stair Climbing Hand Truck  

Freight King Warehouse Hand Truck


Steel Convertible Hand Truck Duel Directional Hand Truck
Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Freight King Warehouse Hand Trucks Steel Convertible Hand Trucks Dual Directional Hand Truck
Professional stair climbing hand trucks for pluming, a/c, and the delivery appliances where you need stair climbing capability. Heavy duty warehouse hand truck.  Hardwood hand truck handles. Use as a hand truck, then convert in seconds to a four wheel hand truck. Works as a standard hand truck or as a panel cart.  Transports loads forward, backwards or left and right.
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Duel Handle Hand Truck P Handle Hand Truck Curved Back Hand Truck  




Dual Handle Hand Truck "P" Handle Hand Truck Curved Back Hand Truck Heavy Duty Hand Trucks
Maximize control for different loads. Great to free up your other hand to open doors and handle material, easy to steer and maneuver. Curved back handle is ideal for one hand operation. These rugged hand trucks are available in three handle types.
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Wesco Stairking  


Warehouse Hand Tucks Vending Machine Hand Trucks
Wesco StairKing Pail Hand Truck Warehouse Hand Truck Vending Machine Hand Truck
StairKing battery operated powered stair climbing appliance truck. Lifts loads ups to 850 lbs. up or down stairs easily & efficiently. Pail Hand Truck allows one person to easily and efficiently move 5 gallon pails or other miscellaneous items. The nose plate can be flipped down and pail retention fingers flipped up in order for this cart to be used as a basic hand truck. These reliable hand trucks are built of steady year in. year out performance. Wooden handles are popular in cold environments. Move heavy appliances safely,  These vending machine hand trucks have retractable mold-on rubber casters that help support loads.
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