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 Advanced Handling services provides Warehouse lift equipment for industrial, commercial and institutional use. From industrial counterbalance lifts to straddle stackers, to lifting carts. If you do not see the warehouse lift equipment you are looking for, call us at (888) 376-5020 to speak with someone to help find the exact equipment to meet your needs.

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Straddle stacker Counterbalance lifts Drum Hauler Electric Pallet Lift
Adjustable Straddle Stackers Counterbalance Lifts  Drum Hauler Electric AC Lifts
Straddle stackers legs adjust from 34" I.D. to 50" I.D. These counterbalance lifts, transfer heavy loads.  Ideal for warehouse loading and unloading. Eliminates injuries from manhandling drums. These rugged Lifts are designed for all types of lifting & positioning.
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Battery Operated Hand Truck  

Genie lifts


Hefti Lifts  

High Rise Lift Trucks


Electric Stair Climbing Fork Trucks Genie Lifts Hefti-Lifts High Rise Lift Trucks
Built for superior performance and use.  All Set up and ready to use. Genie Lifts are made from durable steel construction for years of dependable lifting. User friendly portable lifts provide powerful lifting when moving of positioning loads. These lift trucks increase lifting productivity.
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Hydra Lift Truck Elevating Carts Lifting Carts  


Manual Lift Truck



Hydra Lift Trucks Lifting Carts Light Lifting Carts Manually Operated Lift Trucks
Small lift trucks transport loads in the lowered position and maneuver work materials without use of a fork lift. Lifting carts for all your transporting, lifting and positioning jobs. Easy to operate lifting carts are available in steel or aluminum. These manually operated lift trucks handle tasks from transporting dies and molds to stacking skids and pallets.
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Mechanical Lift Table Pallet Positioner Portable Scissor Table  

Self Elevating Lift Cart




Mechanical Lift Table PALLET POSITIONER Portable Scissor Lift Tables Self Elevating Lift Carts
Sprocket gear mechanism holds table at fixed height without downward drift. Smooth lifting of 2000 lbs. loads.
Allows workers to load and unload pallets without bending, squatting or walking around.
Heavy duty powered lift tables to transport and elevate the heaviest loads Ergonomically engineered to always keep materials at work station height.  As one tray of material is removed the next one rises automatically.
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