Manual Lift Stackers

 Manual Lift Stackers in both Straddle & Counter-Balance Models.  Ideal for a wide variety of material handling lifting applications.

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Adjustable Straddle Stacker -  

Beefed up design for 2000 lb. capacity handling. Dependable hydraulic system is powered by an extra deep cycle 12 volt battery. Built for constant high capacity performance. Handles 48"W pallets... 24" load center. Easy pinpoint handling in congested areas thanks to 8" dia. phenolic fifth wheel and a spring loaded handle. Rolls on 5" dia. phenolic load wheels. Features safety screen.

Counterbalance Lift Trucks -  

Base legs don't interfere, so this rugged truck is perfect for lifting to docks, feeding machinery or use with mezzanines. Engineered for smooth operation, dependable use and safety. Easily handles 1000 lb. loads at 13" load center. Complete with 12 volt battery and a built in charge. Smooth rolling on 5" dia. phenolic wheels. Not recommended for long distances or uneven surfaces.

Drum Hauler -  

Self powered drum transporters and dumpers.  Makes an easy task of transporting drums in and out of trucks or up and down ramps. 800 lb. Capacity. Gradient performance: 15% no load, 10% with 800 lb. load. Speed controlled provides infinite forward or reverse creep speeds.  Electromagnetic disc brakes, battery discharge indicator.

Electric AC Lifts -  

This rugged electric lift is ideal for congested and compact work areas. Just plug in, and lift is ready to work. Perfect for all types of lifting or positioning work. Built to withstand the daily rigors of lifting heavy loads. Lifts 4" per second with 3/4" H.P. 1 phase motor.

Electric Stair Climbing Fork Truck - More Info.

The professional delivery stair climbing fork truck.  The most ergonomic way to make deliveries.

Genie Lift -  

These easy lifting trucks feature removable winches and attachments for space saving storage and transporting. Includes standard fork. Heavy duty wheels and brakes for safe and easy movement. Durable steel construction for years of dependable service. Three bases to choose from.

Hefti-Lift -  

This rugged and attractive lift is great for industrial uses. Removable platform measures 23"W by 24"L and painted white. Main frame is Royal Blue. Push handle and supports are chrome plated. Foot pump, with a fold away pedal delivers approx. 1/2" per stroke. Unit rolls on 3" casters in the front and locking 6" casters on the steering end.

High Rise Lift Trucks -

Perfect for feeding material to machines or conveyors... can be utilized as a workbench. Easy action foot pedal hydraulic pump lifts 2500 lbs. to 31" for efficient loading and unloading operations. Rugged all welded steel construction stands up to daily hard work. Rolls on high density 3" by 1 1/2" phenolic casters in front and 8" by 2" phenolic casters on steering end. Ideal for tote boxes and baskets.

Hydraulic Lift Hand Cart -  

One person can easily load or unload pickup trucks and semi-trailers. An efficient way to unload heavy objects from semi-trailers without a loading dock. Transport loads on the lowered position and maneuver work materials without the use of a fork truck. Rugged steel construction for years of service. Dependable precision built hydraulic system is activated by easy action foot lever.

Lift Table Carts -  

For all your transporting, lifting and positioning jobs.  Doubles as an adjustable work station table. A super rugged mobile hydraulic cat for industrial use.  Manually operated foot petal pump.  Durable precisely engineered hydraulic cylinders.  Easy mobility on four 5" x 2" polyurethane on steel casters .

Light Lift Hand Trucks -

Lift and transport 500 lb. loads of delivery trucks, up to docks, maintenance work, or use to inventory items on storage system.  Easy to operate lifts are made of rugged steel construction for long life

Manually Operated Lifts -

An economical lift to handle tasks from transporting dies and molds to stacking skids and pallets.  Sturdy and compact enough to fit through standard doors and to operate in congested areas. Easy foot activated operation.

Mobile Tilting Positioning Work Table -

Tilts to 30", allowing "bend-free" access to parts of workstations. Easy mobility from one workstation to another on 3" by 1 1/4" casters. Platform size is either 24 by 24" or 22 by 21".

Self Elevating Lift Carts -

Ergonomically engineered to always keep materials at work station height. Reduces fatigue and increases productivity. As one tray of materials is removed the next one rises to automatically take its place. Finished materials are accepted by the elevating table at the same level. Eliminates bending over to pick up the last item on the tray. Available with adjustable spring mechanism. Platform size is 20" by 32", 20" by 40".

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