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Lifting Pallet Stacker


 Pallet stackers for industrial, commercial and institutional storage use. From the Ergonomic Designed Electric Lift Truck Stackers and Heavy Duty Winch Operated Lift Truck Stackers to the Genie Super Lift. If you do not see the lift truck stackers you are looking for call us at (888) 376-5020.

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Counterbalance Stackers Genie Lifts Genie Superlifts Pallet Stackers
Counterbalance Stackers Genie Contactor Lifts Genie Super Lift GX Electric Stackers
Counterbalance stackers are ideal for feeding machinery or lifting to docks and mezzanines.  Manually operated material lift for construction and industrial applications. Straddle base design easily adjusts the width of the loading area without tools from 22" to 50". Straddle stackers lift up to 2,640 lbs. up to 150".
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Winch Operated Stackers  

Counterbalance Stacker with Power Drive


Self Propelled Stacker Fully Powered Stacker


H.D. Winch Operated Stackers Lift Stacker with Power Drive Self Propelled Stackers POWERSTAK
A compact and economical stacker for lifting 750Lb. loads up to 60: high. Countered balance design is ideal for die loading or machine feeding.  Also ideal for loading and unloading trucks Self propelled stackers designed for efficient operation in smaller workshops and confined areas. A high performance, fully powered stacker that offers instant flexibility and versatility, providing significant improvement in worker productively
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Pallet Stacker Fork Lift Stacker Quick Lift  


Straddle Stackers



Pedal Lifting Pallet Stackers Power Fork Lift Stackers Quick Lifts Telescopic Hydraulic Lift Truck
1,000 Lb. capacity, hydraulic or battery powered. Pinpoint operation with hand throttle for easy lifting and controlled lowering. Ergonomic portable electric lift is the quick way to get product from one height to another. Precision engineered for smooth performance and exceptional durability.
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Counterbalance Lift Pedalift Wesco Stacker  


Winch Lift Trucks



Wesco Battery Powered Counterbalance Lifts Wesco Pedalifts Wesco Powered Stackers WINCH LIFT TRUCKS
Lift and transfer heavy loads with this battery powered lift. Built and engineered for durable and superior performance.  Forks touch floor on all fork units. Ideal for loading and unloading trucks, positioning dies, or feeding material to presses. Operated by a hand-crank winch that features a reversible handle and a hold-down device for securing the carriage during transport. 
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