Industrial Lift Truck Stackers

 Industrial Lift Stackers in both Straddle & Counter-Balance Models.  Ideal for a wide variety of material handling lifting applications.

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:Featured Industrial Lift Stackers.

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Counter Balance Lift Truck 

Base legs don't interfere, so this rugged truck is perfect for lifting to docks, feeding machinery or use with mezzanines. Engineered for smooth operation, dependable use and safety. Easily handles 1000 lb. loads at 13" load center. Complete with 12 volt battery and a built in charge. Smooth rolling on 5" dia. phenolic wheels. Not recommended for long distances or uneven surfaces.

Genie Contractor Super Lift  

Manually operated material lift for construction and industrial applications.  Strong light weight and portable.  An ideal tool for construction firms and every kind of contractor, the Super Lift promotes safety and lifting speed on the job.  Lift 650 lbs., available in 12', 18' and 24' models.

Genie Superlift 

Straddle base design easily adjusts the width of the loading area without tools from 22" to 50".  Self contained fold down stabilizer system allows the operator to quickly set up the machine.  Available in 5', 10' and 15' models.  Straddle base will easily pick up standard 48" x 48" pallet.  

GX Series Electric Stackers  

Lifts up to 2,640 lbs. up to 150"  Heavy duty features,  electric 12 volt motion and lift.  Built in battery charger.  Includes adjustable forks 9" to 31".  Adjustable outboard stabilizers.  Ergonomic handle includes safety system.

Heavy Duty Winch Operated Stacker  

A compact and economical stacker for lifting 750 lb. loads up to 60"H. Perfect for loading and unloading trucks where docks don't exist. Heavy duty safety which is easy to turn, even with heavy loads. Straddle legs adjust from 34"ID to 50"ID. Forks adjust from 8.5" to 24". Easily maneuvers in tight areas on 5" swivel casters and 4" front rollers. Floor lock secures the stacker in place

Lift Stacker with Power Drive

Countered balance design is ideal for die loading or machine feeding.  Also ideal for loading and unloading trucks.

Self Propelled Stackers

Self propelled stackers designed for efficient operation in smaller workshops and confined areas.


A high performance, fully powered stacker that offers instant flexibility and versatility, providing significant improvement in worker productively

Pedal Lifting Pallet Stackers 

Oversized Hydraulic rams and pedal pumps lift 1000 pounds 54" to 76" on heavy duty 4" wide and 1" thick forks, roll the load on 2" wide phenolic wheels and stay in place with a standard floor lock. The operator is protected by a clear acrylic safety shield. The roller lift chain has over 9000 lbs. yield. Battery powered lift models include a heavy duty deep-cycle battery and a 10 amp automatic built-in charger.

Power Fork Lift Stacker 

Built to withstand daily industrial work. Hydraulically lift up to 2000 lbs. through a high pressure pump with a 2.0kw powerful and dependable motor. Mast is made with channel steel for extra rigidity. On telescopic units, the mast and fork carriage as fitted with roller bearings. Steering is manually controlled by 2-5 by 2" polyurethane swivel casters. Load wheels are 4 by 2" polyurethane. Complete with floor brake. Operated with hand lever. Battery is 12V, 135 AH. Built in automatic charger is 10 Amp with an ampere meter. All components are easily assessable. 44 1/2" turning radius. Trucks with telescopic mast comes complete with adjustable straddle legs and forks.

Quick Lifts 

Confined spaces and narrow aisles are no longer a problem. Features high density polyethylene platform, proofed lifting chain, 4 swivel casters, robust D/C/ power unit and 115V AC charger. Standard with push button control panel and battery indicator.

Telescopic Hydraulic Lift Truck 

Lift and move loads up to 1500 lbs. easily and safely. Rugged formed steel frame for extra strength. Precision built heavy-duty hydraulic system with relief valve for overload protection. Durable cylinder has chrome plated ram. Roller style dual lifting chains exceed a 6:1 safety factor. Hand control lever provides feather control load positioning. 12V/125A battery with 12V/10A safety charger that plugs into any 110V outlet.

Wesco Battery  Powered Counterbalance Lifts  

Lift and transfer heavy loads with this battery powered lift.  Ideal for loading and unloading trucks, positioning dies or feeding material into presses.

Wesco Pedalifts  

Ergonomic way of lifting parts and in process work.  Many different configurations, from hydraulic foot pump to hand crank models.  

Wesco Powered Stackers  

Powered stacker features, 1,000 pound lift capacity.  Remote control, floor locks, and safety screen are all standard on all models.  Automatic charger allows unit to run off AC while recharging - at no extra cost! Three LED battery status indicator and easy to read voltmeter.


Operated by a hand-crank winch that features a reversible handle and a hold-down device for securing the carriage during transport.  Forks can be inverted to provide 2 different heights.  Rugged thick steel forks are 4"W x 1 3/4" Thick and forks measure 20 1/2"W x 22"L overall.  Truck is made of durable steel-and-aluminum.  Rolls on 2-8" non-marking rear wheels and 2-2" front swivel casters.

More Manual Lift Stackers

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