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 Anti fatigue industrial safety mats for industrial, commercial and institutional use. From  Industrial Safety Anti Fatigue Mats and Entrance Mats, to Logo Mats. 

:Featured Industrial Safety Mats.

Dry Area Matting

Air Rug

Improves productivity by reducing employee fatigue. Insulates against cold, reduces noise and breakage. Polyvinylchloride  closed cell sponge provides a comfortable surface to stand or walk on.  Foam construction deflects energy relieving employee fatigue.  All edges are sealed and beveled.  3/8" Thick.

Cushion Trax

Thick sponge underside provides anti-fatigue relief. Solid vinyl surface with raised diamond pattern for optimal traction and years of wear. Standard mat available in Black or Gray - please specify. Black with yellow borders (complies with OSHA Code 1910-144) and available in Black-Yellow (BY). 9/16" thick.

Diamond Sof-Tred

Diamond Sof-Tred™ floor matting is engineered with 1⁄2" thick PVC closed cell sponge construction to help reduce leg and back fatigue, allowing for greater productivity and alertness. Diamond embossed Dyna-Shield® sponge provides a safe walking surface. Resistance to abrasive chemicals, and dirt. Edges beveled on four sides. Available colors: Black (BL), Black-Yellow (BY) or Gray (GY) -- please specify.

Pebble Trax

A high performance work surface that is both comfortable and durable. Designed with 3/8" thick resilient sponge underside that is laminated to top for optimum fatigue protection. Provides both sure-footing and easy maintenance. Beveled edges for easy access and reduced tripping. 1/2" overall thickness. Not for use with spiked heels or stool legs. Available in Black (BL).

Ergo Flex Mat

Designed and manufactured to accommodate the most demanding work environments, these mats are the next generation in foam technology. 1/2" thick closed-cell PVC foam formulation is extra tough for long lasting performance. Handles most common fluids and stays buoyant even at low temperatures.

Entrance Matting

Snow Melt Mat

A convenient and reliable solution for melting snow and ice from walkways. Unique reversible design permits electrical connection on right or left side of walkway. Waterproof electrical connection system with GFCI switch prevents electrical shock hazard. 6' power cord (120 volts) with GFCI switch as well as a 6' extension cord are both sold separately.

Tough Rib

Ribbed surface brushes, channels and conceals dirt and debris.  Coarse fibers brush dirt, while fine fibers absorb moisture.  100% Polypropylene ribs run the length of the mat.


Guaranteed to outperform all vinyl backed and rental mats. The ideal combination of durable 24 ounce fabric with a fashionable look. Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute as an Anti-Slip matting reducing slips and falls. Available in Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Charcoal, Red/Black, Medium Gray, Evergreen, Bordeaux, and Navy.

Deluxe Olefin Matting

Color fast, non-staining olefin fiber is bonded to a solid vinyl base.  Soaks up over 1 gallon of water per square yard.  Removes dirt and moisture with ease. Looks great too.  Vinyl edge on all four sides, 3/8" thick.

Chevron Matting

A unique Chevron pattern is woven elegantly to rival the appearance of high quality carpeting.  Durable needle punched polypropylene.  Hose off or vacuum when dry for easy cleaning.  Vinyl backing with vinyl borders on four sides, 3/8" thick.

Wet Area Safety Matting

Cushion Connect

The ultimate safety / anti-fatigue mat for wet, oily equipment.  Thousands of portholes allow liquid and debris to fall through keeping surface clear.  Extra heavy duty PVC vinyl compound withstands the heaviest loads and abusive conditions, highly resistant to chemicals.


High Density Closed Cell Nitrile Rubber Cushion has 15% recycled content. Mats are grease and oil proof, static dissipative and certified slip resistant by National Floor Safety Institute. Beveled edges make for a safe transition from mat to floor. Lifetime anti-microbial treatment to prevent odors and degradation of the mat.

Safety Stance

Grease resistant rubber matting withstands oily and wet environments. Beveled edging on 3 or 4 sides for added safety. 7/8" thick for maximum anti-fatigue relief. Available in Black-Yellow (YB), or Black-Orange (OB).

Ergonomic Sponge Matting

Barefoot® Ergonomic Flooring Systems

Engineered and designed right form the beginning to have the characteristics that produce Anti-Fatigue results.  Allows you to carry your weight evenly on your entire foot and not on a spot on our heels.  A patented system of tri-axial supports under the matting surface produces the highest degree of both compliance and support of any industrial flooring.


Popular 1/8” PVC Diamond surface is bonded to ErgoFlexTM foam. Specially formulated Ergo-FlexTM enhanced cell foam provides superior resilience and comfort. Beveled edges reduce tripping. 3-year limited warranty. Custom configurations are available.

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