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The Affordable, Easy way to increase your Floor Space.

Our Mezzanines help you transform unused overhead space into valuable floor space. Practically overnight you can create extra storage space at a very economical price. Engineered and built for absolute safety and long life. Prefabricated modular designs help you maximize usable space by conforming to the characteristics of your facility and special needs of your application. Building columns and obstructions are easily accommodated with minimal loss of space. Openings and stairways can be located wherever they are needed. Load capacity can be increased in your heavy load areas. Special handling systems can be integrated into the original design.

  • Configuration - Each mezzanine is designed to fit around your existing columns and plant equipment to help you obtain the greatest amount of usable floor space.

  • Construction - Uniform load capacities are designed to suit your requirements. Our mezzanines can be structured for a virtually limitless range of load capacities. The mezzanine deck can be designed for concentrated loads where required. This allows the mezzanine to be used for pallet jacks, racks and shelving, platform trucks and other heavy equipment. Unlike permanent construction modular mezzanines configurations can be expanded easily should your needs change.

  • Safety - Equipto Modular mezzanines are designed to meet and exceed OSHA standards. We can also provide structures which meet other standards for commercial, industrial and residential applications including BOCA, UBC and SBCA.


  • Decking Materials - Plywood of B-Deck is a durable, economical choice suitable for offices and a variety of other uses. Galvanized B-Deck is used to prevent rust as well as maintain a like new appearance for years. Open Bar Grating - is by far the strongest and most versatile type of open deck. It allows maximum transfer of heat, sound, and ventilation between levels. In addition, it may eliminate the need for additional sprinkler systems, because water passes through to lower levels. Diamond Plate - decking is impervious to liquids and provides outstanding wear resistance, with embossed pattern to reduce slippage. This is the material of choice for heavy loads and forklift traffic. The strength of the steel helps to distribute concentrated loads. Steel decking is also available without a diamond pattern.

  • Openings - Special openings in the deck may be provided to accommodate special handling systems, vertical lifts, stairs, swing gates, loading docks, ductwork, or any other factors requiring passage through the mezzanine. Safety railings are provided to prevent safety hazard.

  • Railings - Fabricated for strength and clean appearance from tubular steel. Safety railings can be provided to meet OSHA, BOCA, or any other safety standard. All styles include a kickplate for added safety. Special openings and gates may be provided at any convenient location. Railings are painted OSHA yellow for safety. OSHA orange is also available.

  • Staircases - Prefabricated staircases install quickly and easily at any predetermined point on the mezzanine. Available in open or closed styles, staircases are available in a variety of widths. All stair units may be engineered to meet BOCA, UBC or other codes.

  • Landings - Landings are provided for staircases to allow entrance when stairs run parallel to the mezzanine perimeter. Constructed of the same top quality components and decking to match the mezzanine, landings are designed according to custom dimensions and codes.

  • Installation - A detailed set of erection drawings, specific to your project, is included with material delivery. Stair placement, handrail layout, decking plan, and dimensioned framing plan virtually eliminate guesswork during installation.

  • Future Expansion - The nut and bolt design of prefabricated modular mezzanines make installation easy and can be configured to allow simple future expansion at convenient points on the mezzanine. There are no permanent connections to your existing structure to limit your future considerations.

Quotation Check List

  • Dimensions: Specify overall length, width, total area (list obstructions).

  • Column Spacing: Specify whether you need the most cost effective arrangement or to maximize practical span.

  • Deck / Clearance Height: Distance from floor to top of bottom of mezzanine.

  • Ceiling Height: Floor to ceiling and floor to bottom of lights, ductwork, etc. suspended from ceiling.

  • Desired Uniform Load: 125 PSF, 150 PSF, other.

  • Concentrated Load: List heavy equipment and forklift use.

  • Deck Materials: Bar grating, 3/4" plywood on B-Deck, 1/2" plywood and 7/16" waferboard on B-Deck, 1/8" or 1/4" diamond plate steel on B-Deck.

  • Pallet Drops: Specify quantity and type: Lift-out rail, swing gate, sliding gate, pivot gate.

  • Stairway Locations: Specify quantity, width (3' standard), locations, type Open of Closed.tread.

  • Ladders: Specify quantity and type: vertical ladders, ship's ladders.

  • Landings: Specify quantity and type: Top (flush) with mezzanine surface) or INTERMEDIATE (required when surface height is 12' of more).

  • Railings: OSHA, BOCA, other.


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