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Overhead lifting equipment - Industrial Overhead Lifting Equipment Solutions: Increasing Work Place Facilities Ergonomic Material Handling Capabilities.

:Featured Overhead Lifting Equipment

Cargo Bridle Eye Slings

Extra wide design for safe and even load distribution.  Perfect for light too medium weight loads.

Cargo Tie downs

Perfect securing device for pick up trucks, or around the warehouse or plant

Chain Slings -

Alloy steel chain slings.  Grade 80 - lift heavy loads with complete safety and confidence.  Recommended by OSHA for overhead lifting applications.

CM Loadstar Electric Chain Hoists

Small, compact design for commercial and industrial  use, includes chain container.  Gear train is lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease. Perfect for overhead lifting applications.

CM Hurricane Hand Chain Hoists

Simple, efficient and economical.  Compact design, easy installation.  Designed to lift loads in a variety of industrial, construction and commercial operations.

CM Wide Range Trolley

Easy rolling on American standard shapes, wide flange shapes or patented rail.  Use with hook suspended hoist.  Rugged steel side plates formed in include bumpers and trolley guards.

Fixed & Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes

Capacities to 5 tons.  Span to 20'.  For use in multiple stage manufacturing operations, portable or stationary.  Maximizes available space.  Can be used beneath other overhead cranes where the building structure cannot support a longer material handling solution.

Lifting Double Leg Slings

Double leg, Eye to Eye, Endless, Wide Cargo Slings.  Long lasting nylon or polyester slings are built for sure dependable lifting, year after year.  Soft non scratch slings permit handling of even delicate polished surfaces.

Magnet Lifters

Manually operated rare earth permanent lift magnets offer high capacity and versatility for their size and cost. Extremely easy to operate, these magnets are capable of handling flat and round material. Six models with capacities up to 5,000 lbs. on flat and 3,700 lbs. on round materials. Easy to rotate handle with no backlash. Manual ON and OFF. No power supply required.

Stand Alone Work Area Crane Systems

Complete ready to go material handling solution.  This free standing crane system reduces injuries and fatigue while increasing productivity with less effort.  With a 100:1 productivity ratio an operator can start a 500 pound load moving with just 5 pounds of force.  Each system includes a bridge, end trucks, hoist-trolley, festoon system for bridge and trolley, runway columns, girders, headers, splices, clamps, hangers, end stops.  Hoists not included.

Wall & Column Mounted Jib Cranes

Designed to assist workers in the maneuvering of materials as well as achieving maximum headroom where low ceilings are of concern. This cantilever style mounts to true vertical wall members. Increase personnel productivity by lifting awkward material capacities. The overall I-beam length is 88" with a usable length of 80". Hoist and trolley is sold separately.

Wire Rope Slings -

Delivers extra strength and sturdiness for those tough loads.  Superior construction for long wearing use.  Flexible and efficient.  Mechanically spliced for high capacity ratings.  Meets OSHA standards.

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