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 Material Handling Hand pallet trucks for industrial, commercial and institutional material handling use. low profile hand pallet trucks to stainless steel hand pallet trucks, to electric pallet trucks. If you do not see the hand pallet trucks you are looking for call us at (888) 376-5020.

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Adjustable Hand Pallet Trucks Economy Pallet Truck Corrosion Resistant Hand Pallet Trucks Powered Pallet Trucks
Adjustable Width Hand Pallet Trucks Economy Pallet Truck Corrosion Resistant Hand Pallet Trucks CX12 Powered Pallet Trucks
One truck does the work of two. Handles loads up to 5500 lbs. Features 3"W. polyurethane load wheels. Adjustable fork connecting rods. Overload bypass valve. Rubber coated handle. Entry and exit rollers. 7.5" raised height. 2.625" lowered height. 3" load wheels and 8" steering wheels -- both moldon polyurethane. Proven ergonomic design has been tested for providing years of reliable usage. Ergonomic design requires only 75 lbs. of pulling force when fully loaded. Spring loaded loop handle automatically returns to vertical position when not in use.  Chrome-plated hydraulic pump piston for long seal life. Sloped and rounded fork nose design. 7" nylon steering wheels. 3 position lever -- raise, neutral and lower. Galvanized model - designed for basic corrosion resistant and cold room applications. This model is widely used in meat processing plants, wineries, etc. Well suited for transporting goods in and out of freezers and coolers. Fork Length 48". Fork widths: 20.5"/27".
Stainless Steel model - designed for the ultimate resistance to corrosive chemicals and wet applications. This unit is perfectly suited for chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and fisheries. Fork Length 48". Fork Widths: 20.5"/27".
The CX12 Lift Truck combines the compactness and versatility of a hand pallet truck with the ergonomics of an electric pallet truck. It is ideally suited for moving loads in confined spaces where larger electric pallet trucks will not fit. For example, in narrow aisles, or inside delivery trucks where space is limited are ideal applications. The overall dimensions are 20.5" x 60", with a turning radius of only 50". Fork length is 45". The nominal load capacity is 2,600 lbs.
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Transpallet Trucks  

Hand Pallet Trucks


Low Profile Hand Pallet Trucks H.D. Hand Pallet Trucks
ECO I-55 Transpallet  Hand Pallet Truck Hand Pallet Trucks Low Profile Hand Pallet Trucks Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Trucks
Designed for rugged, constant, heavy duty performance. Easy to use and maneuverable Pallet Truck features polyurethane wheels and rollers, adjustable push rods, robotic welds, quality bearings throughout, grease fittings and bushings at all pivot points. Includes entry/exit rollers and an overload bypass system. Only 10 strokes to maximum lift with a special lowering valve that controls the descent. 2.9" Lowered Height. Raised Height 7.8". Fork Length 48". Fork Width: 20.5"/27". Ergonomic handle for ease of use. Easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Offers a combination of light frame and rollers with self-lubricating ball bearings. 4400 lb. capacity with standard 3-function hand control -- raise, neutral, lower.  2" lowered height. Lifts loads up to 5,500 lbs. Features overload bypass, rubber coated handle, adjustable fork connecting rods, entry and exit rollers, 7" moldon polyurethane steering wheels, 210 steering. 6"W. forks. 7.25" raised height. 2.9" lowered height.
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Pallet Truck with Scale Long Fork Pallet Truck  




Scale Pallet Trucks Extra Heavy Duty Electric  Pallet Truck Extra Long Forks Pallet Truck  Electric Pallet Truck
The all in one Pallet Truck with Scale allows product to be weighed while being moved to storage or to the production line service. Scale has 1 lb. resolution with maximum error of +/-.2% of applied load. 4,500 lb. weighing capacity. LB/KG toggle switch and push button tare. English nomenclature on the indicator face. Lowered height of 2.9" makes for easy pallet entry. Raised height is 7.6". Includes four 1.5VC cell batteries. Optional 6V battery and charger for 24/7 continuous operation is available. Features a two year warranty on the DC motor drive, hydraulic pump, controllers and switches. Ergonomic control handle with throttle forward and reverse speeds, lift and lower controls, horn and belly reverse safety button. Electromagnetic disc brake includes a dead-man feature when the handle is released. Sold complete with a 24V 210Ah battery and charger. Extra long 70" and 78" long fork models. Overload bypass, rubber-coated handle, 7" mold-on polyurethane steering wheels and 3" mold-on polyurethane load wheels. 70" long forks. Lowered/raised fork height measures 3-1/4" / 8". Easy, efficient and safe operating features.  Includes fingertip raise and lower buttons.  Easy-to-operate throttle for forward and reverse direction.  Throttle offers infinite forward and reverse speeds.  Includes battery charger, horn, and safety belly reverse button.  Runs off 24V batteries.  Model HEPT-2547-30 uses 2 - 12V batteries with 95Ah.  Model HEPT-2748-45 uses 4 - 6V batteries with 200Ah.
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Stainless Steel hand Pallet Trucks Scale Pallet Trucks Super Low Profile Hand Pallet Trucks  


High Lift Pallet Trucks



Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Trucks Scale Pallet Trucks Super Low Profile Hand Pallet Trucks Scissor High Lift Hand Pallet Trucks
Choose either 304 stainless steel frame and forks or entirely 304 stainless steel pallet truck for long life in even the most harsh environments. Fork size: 27"W. x 48"L. Service range is 2-7/8" to 7-3/4". Features LCD display scale. Metler-Toledo Hawk scale/sensor. UL approved scale operates on 6-D cell batteries or AC. 3 position hand control. 205 turning radius. 2.9" lowered height. 8" raised height Features 1-7/8" lowered height for extra low profile skids or pallets. Fingertip lever switch for raise, lower and neutral operation. Rubber cushioned handle grip. Powder coat red finish. Lowered height measures 1-1/2". Rolls smoothly on moldon polyurethane wheels. 180 steering arc. Closed pallets must be placed on top of forks. 3.6" lowered fork height.
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