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Industrial pallet trucks, Pallet jacks for industrial duty lifting and moving warehouse ergonomic lifting equipment.

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Electric Pallet Truck with Scale 

Electric Weigh Scale Pallet Truck features full electric drive and lift and a battery discharge indicator. High contrast display with big function keys that "click". Tolerance of plus/minus .4% of rated capacity by standard load cells. Scale functions: zero correction, gross/net/total weight and runs on 4-1.5V AA batteries. Optional Thermal Printer available.

Low Profile Pallet Jacks

An economical way to move heavy pallet loads without the use of a fork truck.  Includes 2 articulating steering wheels and 2 front load rollers. 4400 lb. capacity, 20.5", 27"  x 48" long forks, 2" lowered height.

Heavy Duty Industrial Pallet Truck

Finally, an economical way for one person to move heavy pallet loads without the use of a fork truck. Proven design has been tested for providing years of reliable service. Includes two articulating steering wheels and two front load rollers. Steering wheels include bearing dust covers for added life. Nose wheels are located on the front edge of each fork to assist in clean pallet entrance and exit. Reinforced triple-formed steel forks provide twice the strength of standard single-formed forks. Internally mounted solid steel adjustable push rods. Spring loaded loop handle automatically returns to vertical position when not in use. Hydraulic pump design facilitates easy access seal replacement. Chrome plated hydraulic pump piston for long seal life. Industrial powder coated safety yellow finish.

Electric Motorized Pallet Truck

Ergonomic handle controls allow operators to easily maneuver up to 3,000 pounds.  Reduce work place injuries while increasing productivity, by replacing your outdated Multiton manual pallet truck with fully powered electric model.  Features include exclusive AC drive motor, a maintenance free battery pack and regenerative braking system.  Compact design and ergonomic handle controls allow operators to easily maneuver up to 3000 pounds in very narrow aisle conditions.  Charger is included. Standard features; key lock, horn, electronic speed controller, crawl speed with handle in up right position.  Forks measure 265.6" x 46.4", fork width 6",overall length 61.2", turning radius 56.1"

Electric Pallet Stacker

Countered balance design is ideal for die loading or machine feeding.  Also ideal for loading and unloading trucks.  Powered by a 700 watt driving motor and a 2000 watt lifting motor.  15 amp charger.  Individual forks are 3-1/8" W.  Overall size is 32-1/4 W. x 78"L.  Works with skids and pallets. 

Pallet Truck with Scale

Weighs,  up to 5000 lbs. Measurements are indicated on a large, easy to read digital liquid crystal display. Scale is programmable to weigh lbs. or kilograms, figures percents, count over/under limits on units. Power is provided by 6 "C" type batteries which incorporates an automatic shut off after 2 minutes. Features a unique monolithic load cell reinforcement of a 200,000 PSI nickel alloy steel... ensures precise weighing, even when loads are not centered. Fully MIG welded and long lasting, airless hydraulic pump which provides longer unit life. Controls mounted on safety handle which returns automatically to an upright position when not in use. 240 degree steering arc for best maneuverability.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Ideal for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, food and wet environments. Durable 5500 lb. capacity. Choose either 304 stainless steel frame and forks or entirely 304 stainless steel.  This truck is built for long service life in the most harsh environments.  Service range is 2-7/8" to 7-3/4"

Wesco 4 Way Pallet Trucks

Safely and easily lift and move pallets. Overload bypass, reinforced forks, rubber-coated handle measures 47" in height. 101 steering and can enter pallet from all four sides. Adjustable fork connecting rods, steel 1.7" load wheels and 6" polyurethane steering wheels. Lowered/raised fork height measures 1-3/4" / 6".

Wesco offers a full range of industrial pallet trucks.  From Deluxe models to the economy CP series.  Scale Pallet Trucks, Stainless steel pallet trucks.


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