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Pallet Rack Systems -

Pallet rack expands your useable storage space without expensive building expansion, maximizing all available space within your building - both horizontally and vertically. Racks hold pallets two, three, even four high without fear of crushing inventory. And, the rack's open design makes it easy for a forklift to access any load

Steps to Selection

  • Determine the space you have available for your rack installation and information on the type of material to be stored.

  • Assess the storage area. Locate doors, columns and other obstructions on a floor plan. Take in consideration the overhead height, check for joists, ductwork, lights, sprinkler systems, etc.

  • Determine actual load requirements as accurately as possible. Check the height, width and depth of load and pallet. Will pallet be stacked?

  • Determine length of beam by taking thee width of the pallet or load whichever is greater and multiply by the number of loads per shelf. Add clearance of 3"-4" between upright frame and load, and 4" between loads

  • Determine beam capacity by taking the number of loads per level and multiplying by the weight per load.

  • Determine frame width by taking the depth of the pallet and subtract 4"-6"

  • Determine upright frame height by taking the height of load and pallet and 6" clearance (top of load to bottom of beam) add beam height, then multiply total by number of levels and round to the nearest foot.

  • Determine upright capacity by taking load per level and multiplying by number of levels.

  • Determine wall spacers by taking pallet over hang and adding 6".

  • Determine row spacers by taking pallet over hang and adding 2".

  • Now you can layout your rack system. Remember to leave room for your forklift turning radius.

Rack Components -

We offer a full range of flexibility in rack heights and widths.

  • Stock uprights are available in 60", 96", 120", 144", 168" and 192", with standard widths of 36", 42" and 48".

  • Beams are stocked in three capacities of 4,100, 5,000, and 6,100 capacities per pair. With 90", 96", 108" and 120" lengths.

  • Row spacers are stocked in 6", 8", 10", 12" and 18".

  • Back to Back Ties are stocked in 4", 6" and 12" .

  • Standard colors, green, orange, gray.

Contact Advanced Handling for layout help and a complete listing of pallet rack accessories.

Bulk Rack -

Designed for the hand-loading of intermediate weight bulky items, this versatile rack system can be used in hundreds of storage applications. In addition to storing carton merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, it can be used for display racking in furniture and department stores, for storage of medical and dietary supplies in hospitals and more.

  • Uprights come in stock heights of 5', 6', 7', 8', and 10' high and widths of 18, 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 50", 54" and 60".

  • Stock beams 5' (2,400 lb. cap./pr.) 6' (2,000 lb.cap./pr.), 8' (1,500 lb. cap./pr.)

  • Decking available - deck supports, particleboard, corrugated steel.

Wire Decking -

  • Provides a clean and safe storage platform

  • Durable 2" x 4", 4ga. wire decking makes stored items easier to see and reduces fire hazards.

Dust and dirt can't collect. Easy to use and install. Designed for step beams. Rugged reinforcing under channels are welded ant intersections with sturdy steel wire deck mesh. Available in galvanized and gray epoxy powder coat finish.

All sizes available, call with your specifications today.


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