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Ergonomic scissor lift tables, carts, trucks provide industrial ergonomic lifting solutions throughout industrial, commercial, institutional facilities.

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Scissors Lift Tables -

Pinpoint positioning, scissor lift tables make for efficient industrial lifting solutions . Engineered and designed for smooth easy operation and durability. Safely handles heavy duty lifting and positioning jobs... eliminates bending, lifting and helps prevent back injuries. Industrial duty construction includes 3/4" plate steel scissors legs, lifetime lubricated bearings, hydraulic cylinders with chrome plated rams and polyurethane seals. Hinged top for easy access to internally mounted motor, pumps and oil reservoir.

High Lift Scissors Truck -

A work positioner that combines the best features of a pallet truck and a scissors lift table. Designed to transport and lift work to the most comfortable and productive work height. Ideal for feeding cutters, folders, presses, conveyors and for as a portable work station. Equipped with a heavy duty hydraulic system, the lift cylinder incorporates an internal oil reservoir. Adjustable stabilizers for side support activate as forks are raised to a working level- they elevate the rear wheels which brakes the tuck when in an up position. Battery operated lifts have a compact, leak proof 12 volt gelled electrolyte battery, 2500 lb. capacity has 85 amp. and 2000 lb. has an 45 amp gel cell battery. External 10 amp automatic battery charger is standard. Not designed for use with double faced pallets.

Scissors Tables -

Lifts, machinery, parts, work in process material, etc., easily and smoothly thanks to durable, hydraulic components. State of the art bushings keep wear to a minimum. Hardened pins reduce wear. Strong chrome plated piston cylinders resist rust and corrosion. Cylinder is honed hydraulic tubing. Safety toe guard automatically stops platform if lift comes down on toe or other objects- meets OSHA requirements. Emergency lockup automatically locks platform if hydraulic pressure is inadvertently lost.

Low Profile Scissors Table -

Load and unload with a pallet jack without the need for a pit. Superior engineering features rugged dependability. Safety features include: electric perimeter pinch point guard, emergency stop velocity fuse in cylinders, fused 24V hand held control and maintenance supports to name a few. remote power unit comes complete with a plastic cover to protect the motor from dust and debris. Power unit measures 24"W by 24"L by 8"H. Please specify voltage and phase.

Double Scissors Battery Operated Cart -

Battery operated cart lifts up to 1000 lb. loads. This mobile lift cart brings extra versatility to manufacturing or loading operations. Smooth operating hydraulic system permits pinpoint positioning of heavy loads. Ideal for machine loading, work in progress, etc. Tubular handle for safe transport. Heavy duty 5" by 2" Poly-on-Steel wheels (2 swivel, 2 rigid) for easy mobility. Swivel wheels feature locking device. Engineered for reliable service year after year. Available in A/C or Air.

Ground Lift Scissors Table -

Utilize the scissors table without the expense and inconvenience of ramps or fork lifts. Deck lowers to floor level requiring only one person using a standard pallet truck to utilize skids, pallets, baskets, etc. Easy portability with your pallet truck. Contact factory for accordion skirting, electric toe guard and other sizes.

Hydraulic Truck Dock Scissors Lift -

Load and unload trucks without a dock with this hefty scissors lift. Engineered for maximum safety and efficiency. Saves time and reduces man-hours where there are no docks. Checkered plate deck is made of heavy gauge steel for hard use. Hydraulic unit features emergency automatic stop if line brakes. Complete with upper travel limit switch, and overload relief. Control station is 24 volt NEMA 4 on 20" coiled cord. Pre wired NEMA 12 control box includes Magnetic Starter and overload fuse. High visible hand rails are removable. Built for years of daily use, with minimum maintenance. Standard 5 HP 208-230/460 V, 3 phase, 60Hz motor.

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