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Shipping supplies, equipment increases industrial material handling solutions capabilities throughout industrial, commercial, institutional shipping facilities.

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Poly Shipping Tape   

Economical Poly Tape.  Self adhesive tape seals cartons securely.  Confidently ship your packages.  Poly tape holds boxes together even through rough UPS, freight or postal handling.  Foes on fast with handy dispenser.  Reduces pilferage....once tap is pulled off, tape cannot be resealed.  Resists moisture, chemicals and oil.  Stands up to temperature extremes.  Meets postal regulations.

Extra Heavy Duty Poly Tap   

Super thick tape for super heavy packages. Tough and thick 2.3 mil poly tape provides extra insurance against damage.  Grips boxes like steel for worry free shipping.  Applies easily and quickly with optional hand held dispenser.

Durable Tape Dispenser 

Seals cartons quickly, efficiently and in one smooth operation.  Adjustable brake provides tape tension.

Fiberglass Reinforced Tape 

Strong filament fibers for extra heavy binding.  Super adhesive action for maximum gripping power.  Where extra strength is needed, use this super tough filament tape.  Ideal for heavy boxes, lumber, steel, tubing or even emergency repair work.

Colored Poly Tape  

Colorful, attention getting tape helps identify cartons or inventory.  Colored poly tape helps eliminate mix ups and speeds shipments.  Available in red, black, yellow, white, blue, green or orange.

Metal Filament Tape Dispenser  

Long wearing dispenser cuts tough filament fibers cleanly, easily.  Comfortable grip for all day use.

Kraft Sealing Tape 

Reliable gummed sealing tape.  Popular sealing tape over the years, this Kraft tape secures cartons easily.  Your choice of two strengths capacities.  Regular 60 lb. Kraft for medium weight boxes and 3-way glass reinforced for heavy duty use.  Applies efficiently with optional dispenser.

Aisle Marking Tape 

Safe attention getting indication of aisles, machinery, doors or stairs.  Prevents accidents and injury with this bright colored tape.  Durable vinyl material stands up to heavy vehicle and foot traffic.  Meets OSHA color standards.

Floor Tape Applicator  

Accurately and securely apply working tape to floor.  Smooth, easy use of this applicator fro floor marking tape.  Applicator head adjusts to apply tape in circular direction.  Rear stabilizer adjusts right or left to allow exact working to walls and pallet racks.

Masking Tape  

A low cost, high quality tape for all purpose use.  A valuable office aid, perfect for light duty use around the warehouse or shipping area.

Label Protection Tape  

Protects shipping labels against damage.  A low cost way to ensure your packages arrive.  Label protection tape protects against smudging, tearing or moisture.

Packing List Envelopes  

Ship important documents on the outside of cartons with these super adhesive envelopes.  Protects contents against moisture, dirt and damage.  Strong 3 mils, thick for tamper and tear proof use.

All Purpose Duct Tape 

For repair, sealing, maintenance or color coding.  Duck Tape does it all.  Super adhesive strength, grips to about everything.

Packing List Protection Tape  

Keeps invoices and packing lists clean and smudge free.  Secure and protect documents to shipping cartons.  Tough pouch is a clear non stick area surrounded by an adhesive red border

Action Shipping Markers  

Bright durable, water proof marking.  Patented mechanism supplies ink to the last drop.  Contains 10 times the ink supply of the same markers filled with stuffing.

Shipping Room Knives 

Durable zinc die cast shipping room knife.  Safety cover easily pulls back to expose blade.

Attention Getting Message Tape 

Your packages get the attention they deserve with these red on white printed messages.  Strong 2 mil. poly tape for superior holding power.

Shipping , Caution & HAZMAT Labels 

Pressure sensitive and permanent labels grip cartons securely.  OSHA approved, packages will receive all the attention they deserve with these eye catching labels. 500 labels per roll.

Roll Label Dispenser 

Built from heavy duty plastic for long life.  Dispenses labels easily and fast.  Simple to load.

Stretch Wrap 

Protects shipments against damage.  Transparent, allows for visual inspection.  Thick film for tear and stress resistance.  Keeps cartons and boxes together during transit.  Prevents damage to pallet loads.

Mini Stretch Wrap 

3 Inch or 5 inch wide film for efficient small item bundling.  Wraps and unwraps with ease.  Now wrap and secure all types and sizes of small packages, parts, envelopes, tubes, etc.  Applies easily with optional dispenser.

Stretch Wrap Dispenser  

Built for superb balance, control and ease of use.  Maintains constant tension for smooth unwinding.  Cushion grips for comfort.  Adjustable for 12" to 18" films.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine  

Powered rotation of turntable quickly and efficiently stretch wraps the palletized product.  Operator manually moves the stretch wrap up and down the film mast to completely cover the product.  Complete with powered turntable and manual stretch film mast.  Reliable variable speed, mechanical drive rotates up to 12 RPM.  Foot control standard  Ramp accessory is required for pallet truck use.

Carousel Pallet Turn  

One operator easily rotates heavy pallets.  Floats on low friction bearings for smooth turning.  The carousel utilizes the Lazy Susan concept to help increase productivity.  Pallets can be loaded and unloaded with fewer operator movements. 

Low Profile Carousel   

Utilizes the "Lazy Susan" concept to increase productivity by reducing fatigue and time.  Handles loads up to 4,000 lbs.

Heavy Duty Turntables 

Easy, smooth rotation, thanks to two bearings and a steel thrust bearing.  Use for hundreds of applications, displays, paint spraying, assembly, repairs, welding etc.

Protective Corrugated Wrap   

An economical protector featuring raised corrugated fluting to absorb shock and impact, guards against breakage and damage

Kraft Wrapping Paper  

Low cost wrap for all purpose uses.  Strong Kraft paper is ideal to wrap and ship all types of office or industrial products.

Bubble Cushion Shipping Bags  

Provide protection at a low price.  Lightweight for postage savings.

Padded Shipping Bags 

Maximum protection of contents against damage.  Thick cushioned padding provides sure protection against shocks and jolts.

Floppy Disc & CD Mailers  

A sure way to protect valuable floppy disks during transit.  Tough and durable 200 lb. white test corrugated construction delivers extra insurance against rough handling.  CD mailers are corrugated die cuts specifically designed for shipping of CD Rom's with jewel case.

Video Mailer 

Superb protection for VHS, BETA or 8MM material.  Fold and lock assembly goes together fast.  Rugged 200 lb. white corrugated construction.

Poly Foam Bags  

Sure, worry free protection of delicate items.  Lightweight for reduced shipping costs.  Completely enclose valuable, breakable items in this thick 1/8" poly foam bag.  Non abrasive material.  Seals with staples or tape. 

Cushion Roll Foam 

Thick 1/8" poly foam absorbs shocks and impacts.  Non Abrasive protection of delicate items. CFC free.

Air Bubble Bags 

Air bubble construction guards against bursts or punctures.  Transparent for see thru identification. 

Zip Lock Bags 

Seal contents securely with just a tug.  Zip lock bags help organize your small parts for efficient storage or shipping with other items.

Protective Bubble Pack 

Float your fragile, breakable contents on a cushion of sealed air bubbles, eliminates damage during transit.  Rolls are perforated every 12" for easy tear off.  Comes in a convenient dispenser carton.

Bubble Film Rolls 

Air bubble construction absorbs heavy impact.  Wraps around odd shaped items. Rolls are perforated every 12" for easy tear off.

White Mailers 

Super strong, literally crush proof. Guarantee safe arrival of valuable contents with these super tough mailers.  Strong 200 lb. test corrugated.

Corrugated Shipping Cartons

Corrugated shipping cartons, heavy corrugated construction stands up to rough postal of truck shipping.  Tough 200 lb. 32ECT test corrugated provides excellent protection of valuable contents.

Mailing Tubes  

Square, Round, Tri - Shaped mailing tubes.  Worry free shipping of sketches, graphs, and important documents.

Corrugated Bin Boxes  

These bins keep there shape even through heavy use. Sturdy 200 Lb.
test corrugated bins help to economically organize small parts or supplies. Sloped front provides
easy access. Features roomy label area on front for content identification and inventory control chart
on the side. Re-usable. Attractive white marble finish. Dividers available. Sizes 2" to 12" wide x
9,12,18" deep x 4" high.

Pallet V-Boards  

Economical protect pallet loads against jars, shifting and damage.  Rugged corrugated construction withstands heavy jolts and rough abuse.  Prevents banding from cutting into pallet load contents.

Deluxe Poly Strapping Kits  

Take right to the job site.  All in one kit for every type of bundling and securing.  Kit includes 1/2" x 3,000' of 300 lb. tensile strength poly strapping.  300 pcs. 1/2" wire buckles, 24 corner protectors, hand tensioner with built in cutter.

Steel Strapping Tools  

Feed wheel tensioner, double down cut sealers, single up cut sealer, rack tensioner, single up cut sealer, strapping cutters.

Strapping Dispensers  

Narrow aisle strapping dispensers, standard strapping dispensers, deluxe dispensers, economical strapping dispensers.

Heavy Duty Un-galvanized Steel Strapping  

Strapping Seals  

Poly Strapping Tools  

Mobile hand cart, buckle tensioner, sealer, corner protectors, wire buckles, open seals.

Polypropylene Strapping  

Strong poly strapping economically secures pallet loads, bundles, boxes and reinforces cartons against rough handling.

Semi Automatic Probe Strapper  

Eliminates hand strapping and speeds up the process of pallet strapping.  User friendly, unit automatically feeds the desired poly strap through the pallet, tensions, and seals the strap around the pallet.  Tension up to 175 lbs.  Uses 3/8" or 1/2" strapping.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine 

Minimize packaging time, secure contents,  Stainless steel surface, portable for convenience.  Dispenses, tightens and seals economical poly strapping around packages or bundles greater than 3".  Automatically tensions strap and joins the ends with secure heat weld.  Motor automatically switches off when not in use.  As the strap is inserted, the motor automatically restarts.


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