Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Electric Powered Stair Climbing Fork Trucks & Battery Operated Stair Climbing Hand Trucks

Stair Climbing Hand Trucks for industrial material handling solutions.

Electric Stair climbing hand trucks and battery operated stair climbing fork trucks a powered dolly for industrial, commercial & institutional use. From the Escalera Stair Cat Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Hand Trucks and Stair Climbing Fork Trucks to Wesco Stair King Step Climbing Hand Trucks. For more information call (888) 376-5020

Today's featured stair climber hand trucks;

Escalera MS-1-66
Stair Climbing Hand Truck Packages
  • Escalera stair climbing hand trucks are made with tempered aluminum alloy making the frame lighter than steel framed stair climbing hand trucks.
  • All the stair climbing, battery operated hand trucks are 24" wide. and come in 60", 66" and 72" high models.
  • Two capacities available,
    • 700 lb capacity
    • 1,200 lb. capacity.
  • Every stair climber hand trucks/battery operated hand trucks comes with a gel cell battery, charger, & one automatic rewind strap.

1,200 POUND STAIR CLIMBING HAND TRUCK CAPACITY MODELS - Prices starting at $2,124.00

#MS-1-66 66" High Model
#MS-1-72 72" High Model

Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Brochure

Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Accessories

Stair Climbing Hand Truck Video


Escalera Stair Climbing Fork Lifts
Stair Climbing Fork Truck Packages
  • Stair Climbing Forklift are made of tempered aluminum alloy & Forklift frame is made of steel.
  • Stair climbing forklift is 68" high, the forks are 28" long and 15" wide
  • Can be raised to a height of 54".
  • All stair climbing fork lifts have a 1,200 pound capacity.

We use our stair climbing forklift to unload semi-trailers and lift heavy products on and off shelves, we even use our stair climbing fork truck for loading product into our company mini van.

Stair Climbing Fork Trucks are available in the following models.

Pricing starting at $2,694.00

Stair Climbing Forklift Brochure

Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Accessories


Battery Powered Appliance Truck
  • The Wesco stair climbing hand truck uses a high torque, high capacity motor that runs cool even under heavy load.
  • Superior transmission design utilizing a commercial grade gear transmission, increases stair climbing capability.
  • More efficient use of battery power due to the higher efficiency of the Wesco motor.
  • Approximate 80% increase in stair climbing lifts per charge.
  • Wesco's stair climbing lifting feet are large giving more secure stair gripping.

Stair Climbing Hand Truck Packages

(If you do note see the stair climbing dolly you are looking for please call

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