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Wesco stair climbing hand trucks uses a high torque, high capacity motor that runs cool even under heavy load.

Superior transmission design utilizing a commercial grade gear transmission, increases stair climbing capability.

The battery operated stair climbing hand truck from Wesco has more efficient use of battery power due to the higher efficiency of the Wesco motor, an approximate 80% increase in stair climbing lifts per charge.

Wesco's stair climbing lifting feet are large giving more secure stair gripping.

Belt tightening ratchet, the auto rewind ratchet works first by taking the slack out of the retaining belt, but then provides a ratchet assembly to tighten the load to the truck much more effectively.

Stair climbing hand truck accessoriesWesco Stair King Stair Climbing Fork TruckWesco Stair King Stair Climbing Hand Truck include the following;

All Wesco stair climbing hand trucks accept the fork truck attachment.  This hand winch operated forklift which may be also utilized with an optional platform.  Lift height is 54", capacity of the forklift attachment is 800 pounds.

The Wesco Powered stair climbing hand truck is available in 66" and 72" heights.

Wesco's super wheel attachment slips on the stair climbing hand truck and provides two 10" pneumatic tires which roll easily over gravel, grass, etc.


Wesco Stair King Battery Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks
Model Part Your Cost Weight Capacity
HDC-66 66"  Stair Climbing Hand Trucks 230051 $2,871,00  101 850
HDC-72 72"  Stair Climbing Hand Trucks 230052 $2,890.00  102 850
HWLF Aluminum winch lift attachment-factory installed 230053 $1,921.00   64 800
HNE-28 12" D x 28" W x 4" H steel nose extension 230055 $121.75   18
HSKP-20 Steel slip on platform 20" W x 20" D x 6.75" H 260160 $142.95     5
HMSWK Superwheel option 270076 $124.95   19


Cigerette Lighter Charger

230060         $56.73    9  
HWKO Rear Kick Out Attachment 230059 $419.4   14


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