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Adjustable Tray Truck  

Features adjustable trays, Heavy duty 14 gauge trays adjust on 3 1/2" centers

Aluminum Platform Truck  

Aluminum tread plate design helps grip the load. Rugged heavy duty aluminum construction stands up to constant hard use. Push handle for easy handling. Standard models feature 2 swivel 2 rigid casters. Capacity 2,000 pounds, platform 24 x 36,48,60 inches.

Bulk Poly Truck 

One piece molded polyethylene stands up to hard use. Used in hotels, hospitals or warehouses. Heavy duty 6" swivel casters mounted on a galvanized steel base. Supports 500 pound loads. Available in 33, 36, 41 and 48 cubic feet models.

Cushion Load Platform Trucks   

Features soft, solid rubber tires that are puncture proof.  Rugged all welded steel construction.  Wide tread 10" x 2.75" tires have cushion rubber compound and are well suited for use over rough surfaces, yet are easier to move under heavier loads than pneumatic tired trucks.  Features removable cross bar handle.  Two rigid and Two swivel casters.

Hardwood Platform Truck  

A rugged and affordable platform truck. 1" thick hardwood deck with 1" thick cross battens for extra strength. Includes a 1-5/16" pipe handle that is easily bolted to either end of the truck.  1,600 lb. capacity.

Heavy Duty Poly Tilt Truck  

Heavy duty, durable one - piece molded tilt truck.  Special designed for fast, efficient and safe collecting and handling of bulk materials.  Large wheels allow for easy, on person handling.

Industrial Duty Security Truck  

Diamond shaped opening provide security and visibility.  All welded steel construction delivers years of service.  Double doors swing open a full 270 degrees back to the sides and out of the way - includes pad lockable hasp.  Heavy duty reinforce deck and shelf handles loads up to 2,000 lbs.

Large Four Wheel Steer Trailer  

Collect and move multiple loads.  Provides an efficient way to transport crates, boxes, parts, supplies, safely and easily.  Front and rear running gears are designed to pivot with the draw bar as a single unit... each trailer will steer in the tracks of the lead trailer.  Pull several trailers yet remain fully maneuverable in narrow aisles and around tight corners. Available in fifth wheel design also.

Little Red Wagon  

Fifth wheel steering for extra maneuverability. Special offset "T" type handle stays above the ground when released. Solid steel deck model has 1-1/2" retaining lip around the deck edge. Expanded metal deck is made of 13 gauge flattened steel with 1" lip. Perfect for light weight transportation around the warehouse, plant or office. Furnished in Fire Engine Red enamel. Deck size 24 x 36 inches. 8" Semi-pneumatic, or 10" pneumatic wheels available.

Narrow Aisle Platform Truck

High end design for extra carrying capacity.  Only 16" wide make this truck ideal for congested aisles.

Open Cage Truck  

The perfect truck for pick up and delivery of large packages or boxes.  Sides are constructed of rugged 1" dia. 14 ga. round steel tubing on aprox. 8" spacing and extends 48" above the steel deck.  Rolls on 2 swivel and 2 rigid casters with choice of rubber or non marking polyurethane 6" x 2" wheels

Poly Tilt Truck  

Efficient for collection and dumping for all types of refuse. Designed for use in commercial and industrial environments. Smooth, seamless body, molded from tough polyethylene resists corrosion, grease and oil. Easy to clean and maintain. Maneuvers easily and balanced for one man handling. Ideal transport for all recycling programs. Available in 1/2, 1, 1-3/4, 2, 2-1/2 cubic yard capacities.

Sanitary Hamper Truck  

Ideal where cleanliness and neatness matter. Washable material is perfect for laundries, waste paper, parts, supplies. Used for hospitals, motels, dept. stores or factories. Four swivel casters. Reinforced handles. Rustproof bottom. Available in two styles. White canvas.....a long-wearing heavy duty canvas. Or vinyl coated nylon.....a smooth glossy vinyl that's easy to clean. Dust, oil, grease and moisture proof. Standard color : Grey. Other colors available upon request. Available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 bushel capacities.

Sheet & Panel Truck  

Frame extends 48" above deck with uprights 12" apart at the base. Heavy duty 12 gauge steel base features a 1" retaining lip on each side. "A" frame design is perfect for carrying plywood, drywall or panels. Easy rolling on 4 - 6" swivel phenolic casters, 2,000 pound capacity. Available in widths of 24" and 30" and lengths of 36", 48, and 60"

Steel Deck Platform Truck   

Move heavy loads from workstation to workstation.  Superior construction features for 3,600 lb. capacity.

Steel Utility Tilt Truck 

Time saving way to handle loads of waste, chips, shavings, scraps and sludge.   Rugged trucks are extremely maneuverable with a trim design that fits easily through most doorways and narrow aisles.  Balanced to maneuver and dump with a minimum effort.  Low tapered end panels allow easy loading with minimal spillage.

3-Sided Steel Catch All Truck 

This easy rolling truck moves large loads with minimum of labor.  Durably built for loads up to 3,000 lbs.  Corner posts and top trim are heavy angle iron.  Strong expanded metal is 13 gauge diamond flattened for a smooth, snag free surface.  All welded for a strong sturdy unit.  Rolls effortlessly on 8" x 2" roller bearing casters.

Utility Trucks  

Impact resistant one piece polyethylene handles those heavy wet loads. Ideal for laundry, and textiles. Supported by a strong plywood base with four corner mounted swivel casters. Available in 6,8,10,12,14,16,18, and 20 bushel capacity.


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